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Product Comparison In Odoo E-commerce


Arunima PDec. 28, 2018

Product comparison is an important feature in e-commerce. By using this feature customer can select right product for all their need. As a result, this feature helps a customer match products with products of similar properties but different values. Product Comparison In Odoo E-commerce accelerates the customer decision.

In Odoo website, this product comparison is very much user friendly. Let us see, how to get this feature in Odoo eCommerce.

Firstly, let's see the Configuration
For comparing products in e-commerce, first of all enabling the comparison in settings.

Go to:

Website→Configuration →Settings→Customer Experience →Product Comparison Tool

Tick on Product Comparison Tool.

Then click on save button for save changes

enabling the comparison in settings

How to Compare
Go to:

Website→Dashboard→Go to Website→Shop

View of several products and having a compare button

Here we can see several products and having a compare button below each product. For comparing products, thus, the customer can simply add products on compare box by clicking on compare button. Note that you can compare maximum 4 products.

Then, click on compare box you can see the comparison of products.

View of comparison of products

Then, the comparison will be as below.

comparison preview

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