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Pivot View in Odoo 13

Pivot View in Odoo 13

ajay krishnaApril 2, 2020

Pivot View in Odoo 13

In Odoo 13 there is many views are available to represent the data. Pivot is a type of view that represents data as table form. Pivot View summarizes and reorganizes selected columns and rows of data in a spreadsheets or database table to obtain a desired report. The tool does not actually change the spreadsheet or database itself, it simply “pivots” or turns the data to view it from different perspectives.It is useful when analyzing a large amount of data.It is also called Dynamic Analysis Matrix. Pivot View in Odoo 13 is said to be a change in the view of interface.

Process Of Pivot View In Odoo 13

      Suppose we want our sales report in pivot table,

     Menu->Sales->Reporting->Sales Analysis->

pivot view

         Now the sales analysis is in graph view.We can change the graph view to click the Pivot View(Table symbol) button on the right side of the graph.

pivot view

Now we can see the data in table form(Pivot View).

Here,by clicking ‘+’ we can add user specific field in the column, similarly at row side.

Then  pivot view will generate the table based on that field.

pivot view

For example adding Customer Field in Website and Customer Country in November 2019,

Website->+ Customer->

pivot view

        November 2019-> +Customer Country->

pivot view

Now we can see the new fields in the table.

       We can add any field by doing this same method.

        We can also export that file into excel data,Click the Export button to export the table.

pivot in odoo 13

          Select OK-> To open the file.

Odoo 13 interface

The file will opened in table form.

The Pivot View in Odoo 13 is definitely a diplomatic change .Because there is a change in the   look like a new born .Our company recommends these ideas to the sake of the look. Now it's all new consider with old. As a Best ERP Service Provider we recommend these kind of things to have a dynamic look compared to others. The Blog related to Odoo 13 is available.

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