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Odoo Website Link Tracker


Neenu RobinSept. 4, 2019

Now a days Digital marketing and promotions are the best and easiest way to make your products reach to the public. So many companies invest a good amount in digital marketing for boosting their sales. Odoo-Link Tracker helps us to know which marketing sources are profitable and which one aren’t. It helps in tracking all marketing sources and identify which one gives us best traffic. Adding tracking links to your social media messages, PPC ads, banner ads, blog posts, email campaigns, and press releases helps to give a full overview of your marketing successes and failures.

To get Odoo Link tracker go to Odoo Apps page find the Link Tracker and install it.

Apps → Link Tracker → Install


Once the module get install, we can see Link Tracking under the settings of website. It will be enable automatically.


Then select the page we want to track. For an example, I created a page “Special Offers” in my website and I want to track the traffic of the page.

Select the “Special Offers” page from the website. We can see a Promote button on the page. Select the Track Page option.


ODOo Link Tracker

On clicking the ‘Track the Page' option, a new Link tracker page will appear. Enter the Campaign, Medium and Source.

  • Campaign - defines the context of your link (e.g. the name of the event or the special promotion you want to boost)
  • Medium - defines the medium used to share your link (e.g. an email or a Facebook ad)
  • Source - defines the source from which your traffic will come from (e.g. Google or Twitter)


The link will get tracked. Each time anyone visits the page, the clicked number will get updated. Link tracker allow us to track the most visited pages and recent added pages also.

tracked-link-odoo link tracker

The Stats Button gives us a graphical review of the traffic in the page.

graphical-view-odoo link tracker

The statistical view shows the countries where the clicks of a given link come from.

Analysis of statistics breakdown over the last week, the last month or all time is possible.

When we tracking a link, link tracker generator will generate a tracked link and a redirected URL from the original URL. Odoo track linker rewrite the original URL for more professional URL.

redirect-url-odoo link tracker

When clicking on a trackable link, your personalized URL is automatically redirected to your destination URL.

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