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Odoo vs QuickBooks

Odoo vs QuickBooks

Muhamed YasirApril 9, 2018

Odoo is an open source software that is available in three versions, two of which are local while the other is hosted in the cloud. More than 7,300 apps are available thanks to the multiple developments made by Odoo S.A. and its community.  The cloud-based Online Edition of Odoo ERP offers a customised solution specifically designed to solve SME needs. In this highly modular solution, each business function is carry out out with a efficient app. This allows growing businesses to start with a few apps and to adopt more as their needs change and evolve.

For this comparison we’ve selected the cloud-hosted version, Odoo Online. The unique part of this offer is that it’s completely customizable. There are more than 30 certified apps that cover the vast majority of business cases, all of which connect to the same database on Odoo’s servers.

Quickbooks is an accounting software for small and medium businesses created in 1994 by the financial software company Intuit. The software has since been split into two versions with industry-specific features added to broaden its appeal In 2014. Quickbooks counted more than 624,000 subscribers, making it one of the most widely used accounting software solutions in the US.

Quickbooks is available in two versions: Enterprise and Online. The Enterprise version is available online via additional hosting or locally. Quickbooks Online is available in 3 plans: Simple Start, Essential or Plus. For this comparison, we will demonstrate QuickBooks with its Online Essential product.

Certainly, Odoo vs QuickBooks is always a relevant topic for the discussion and is for choosing the best software. In this blog i am going to give you a detailed view of Odoo vs QuickBooks concepts.

Features Comparison

User Interface - QuickBooks

User Interface of QuickBooks with Odoo vs QuickBooks

QuickBooks - Dashboard

Dashboard of QuickBooks

QuickBooks - Reconciliation

User Interface - Odoo

User Interface of Odoo with Odoo vs QuickBooks

Odoo - Dashboard

Odoo - Reconsiliation

Odoo - Reconsiliation

General Accounting in Odoo vs QuickBooks

General Accounting table 2

Accounts Receivable : Odoo vs QuickBooks

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable table 3

Accounts Payable table 1 in Odoo vs Quick Books

Bank and Cash in Odoo vs QuickBooks

Extras in Odoo vs QuickBooks

Extras table 2

Usability od Odoo vs quick Book

After analyzing the detailed explanation of both Odoo and Quickbooks, Which software do you think as better????????

If you are happy with Odoo, feel free to contact with us as for any queries regarding Odoo ERP services. Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a software development company in Calicut and ERP implementation partner which provides the services mainly in Odoo ERP (formerly open ERP): Odoo implementation, Odoo customization, Odoo migration, and training.


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