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Odoo POS Implementation


Muhamed YasirApril 21, 2019

Point of Sale or Point of purchase is a place where retail transaction is carried. This is commonly shows in retail sectors such as grocery stores, supermarket, hypermarkets, department stores, FMCG stores, meat outlet, fruit store etc. Thus, the solution is combination of hardware and software. As a result, the integrated solution makes the point of sale more meaningful. In market, complete POS hardware kits are available in different brand which consists of Point of sale, thermal printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, customer display / pole display etc. Some people uses normal pc to control the budget for the solution. Odoo POS has various features like Odoo mailing, where you can mail customers the special offers, sale notices and also register the tax identifications for your business customers and give them invoices instantly via email.  Odoo POS facilitates in carrying out the business work without any problems.

The following video illustrates you how Technaureus, odoo pos implementation successfully happens.

Odoo POS is one of the top leading light weight POS trending in market nowadays. It have all the features need for a good POS such as offline support, hardware compatibility, responsiveness, device compatibility, pricelist and offer support, loyalty, multiple payment methods, all type products such as stockable, consumable & service items. We have developed Arabic POS receipt to fit in middle east and Arab speaking countries.

The solution widely used in restaurants as well. This support floor management, table management, kitchen order splitting etc. This is one of the budgetary restaurant management software. Also this is widely use for spa for billing, booking appointments, slot or chair management etc.

Odoo POS solution is one of our major area of service and Technaureus successfully doing Odoo POS Implementation in the industries such as Super markets, Hyper markets, Saloon and Spa, Fashion Store, Meats Store etc. We had already implemented Odoo Pos Solutions in many countries like Middle East, Europe, Qatar, Africa, Asia, America etc.


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