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Odoo ERP for Indian Small and Medium Enterprise

Odoo ERP for Indian Small and Medium Enterprise

Anisha M JosephJuly 4, 2019

Odoo for the companies in India

India’s services sector covers a wide variety of activities such as trade, hotel and restaurants, transport, storage and communication, financing, insurance, real estate, business services, community, social and personal services, and services associated with construction. India is the export hub for software and erp services. The services sector is the key driver of India’s economic growth. Therefor having erp software for each business sector will not only increase the efficiency of that particular firm but helps in gathering many key stones to the development of country.

There are so many small and medium sized companies in the developing country like India, and having an efficient system for the smooth running of the business process will be an added advantage for the nation's development..

Usage of a cost-effective tool may benefit even the smallest corporation, Odoo is a perfect solution, it is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Finance, Purchasing, Sales, Manufacturing, CRM, Point of sale, Events, Blogs, Project management, Warehouse management, Financial management, Website builder, eCommerce and Human Resource..just to name a few.

Reasons for Odoo ERP software is best suited for Indian Small & Medium Enterprises:

Highly Cost Effective nature: It is the main characteristic of Odoo ERP which makes fits for a developing country like India. Fund/Cost will be the regular thinking for any small and medium sized firm's in India. Usually because of the insufficient fund, SME's get rid of the requirement for ERP software development. Exclusive software's like Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle etc. charge big implementation cost. But, Odoo ERP software streamlines the business procedure satisfying every single significant necessity at an exceptionally minimal effort.

Odoo accompanies minimal cost implementation and less repeated expenses. Odoo's Community version doesn't charge any permit fees. In spite of the fact that it comes up with customization services. One of the prime advantages of Odoo is its customization provision. Odoo implementation partners can customize Odoo in accordance with business requirements and aspirations. Unlike, the proprietary software, the client’s specific request that goes beyond Odoo’s app store is developed by the Odoo implementation partners for you.

Easy Availability: Even though a person is not much educated or have much knowledge about the erp sources. He also can make use of this OpenERP within an ease. Before selecting an erp for your organisation you can even do Market research. And implement as a proof of concept to check the suitability with your Process organisation. Do not since it is available freely on internet doesn’t mean it is not effective. The features and characteristics of Odoo erp software is as strong when it comes in meeting your business needs.

Customization Provision: There are possibilities of changes in the technological facilities and business structure in a developing nation like India.. For being in the developed countries list, still there are many things to change in India. Due to differences of Business process and workflows especially in Indian SME’s customization points in Open source ERP software. Which can be done hassle free to meet up the requirement of the enterprise or business.

No Licensing Cost: One of the most important cost effective factors of implementing Open source ERP software for SME is that there are no license fees for the users. Large companies can pay licensing fees, But it get difficult for SME to have license cost every month based on the users.

Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. , a top Odoo consultant in India, mainly focusing on Odoo erp services such as, Odoo Implementation, Odoo Customization, Odoo Migration, Odoo Support and Odoo Training. Thus, Technaureus is the best Odoo Implementation partner in India consistently serving the efficient implementation and customization in Odoo erp. Moreover, we can assure that those who are planning to implement an erp software for your business in India..Use maximum benefits of Odoo erp..because that won't be in vain..

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