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Odoo CRM 13 Opportunity Merging

Odoo CRM 13

Anjali AjithMay 13, 2020

Opportunity Merging in Odoo CRM 13

Merging opportunities in Odoo is quite simple. CRM software plays a vital role in organizations, allowing sales employees to see all customer information in one location. With Odoo, the CRM gains even more efficiency, integrating with all of Odoo's other applications. In this blog we will discuss about Opportunity Merging in Odoo13 CRM.

Opportunities can be merge once when we are creating the lead itself.

One can create a lead to convert to an opportunity, or create multiple opportunities through the pipe line in the CRM module.

Create lead to convert to opportunity


Similarly create another lead. The lead once form will be convert to opportunity when we click on that option. The opportunities will appear in the pipeline.

Pipeline view in odoo crm 13


Turn the view to list view for the easiness to handle. Select the entries to merge. If you merge all of these opportunities click on the highlighted check box, else click on individual rows to select.

selecting the opportunity in odoo crm 13


Now click on the Action --> Merge. The opportunities will be merged.

merging the opportunities in odoo crm 13


The opportunity first created will exist. How ever if any notes where given in the opportunities, it will also merge as you can see below.

Merge internal notes

We hope this blog help in understanding about Opportunity Merging in Odoo13 CRM.



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