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Odoo Community Vs Enterprise

Odoo Community Vs Enterprise

Anisha M JosephSept. 7, 2019

Comparing Odoo Editions!!

ERP is a multi-layer system. In the same vein, Odoo is a fully-functional ERP system with plethora of awesome features. Odoo offered in two editions, a free open-source edition called, “Community” and a licensed edition called, “Enterprise”. Historically, the erp only had one version that was open-source (Community). But, in 2015 when v9 released, Odoo introduced Enterprise for the first time, adding more modules for additional fees. Since then, the differences between the two editions get started to grow. In addition, in the Odoo version 6,7, & 8 there are no technical variations between community and enterprise version and it has changed in V9. The summation of Odoo Community and some practical modules can technically called Odoo Enterprise. However, these modules play a great game. Does it mean that the most distinction between the 2 versions is simply the paid apps? Not at all. Here you will get a detailed view on Odoo Community Vs Enterprise.

Comparison of Odoo community and odoo enterprise.

Odoo Community VS Odoo Enterprise

In short, enterprise has more modules & features, as well as more hosting options and support from Odoo, but the thing is that, it comes with licensing fees. As such, if you are not seeking these features, Odoo Community may be the better option for your business.

Meanwhile, if these features are important to your business, and you are looking for support to solve any issues that might arise, In such case, Odoo Enterprise will be the better option, provides that is not outweigh by the expense on licenses.

Here you could know Odoo Community vs. Enterprise pricing comparison for client looking for significant features:

pricing comparison in Odoo Community and Enterprise edition

If you’re having trouble in making the decision of Odoo Community version and enterprise version, let us know! Technaureus Info Solutions is an Odoo implementation Partner and has implemented Odoo solutions for hundreds of companies whole around the world. Here, we will learn about your business and consult with you, moreover, helping you work through your needs to find what provides better value.


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