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Odoo 16 PLM Module

Odoo 16 PLM Module

Sarath P AnilJan. 9, 2023

What is PLM in Odoo?

Odoo PLM Module – Product Life Cycle Management is developed specifically for the Engineering department and is used to keep track of BOM revisions, Product Lifecycles based on Engineering change orders, and product life cycle management. PLM helps you to plan as well as manage all the processes that are involved in the production cycle of a product. Change management is the only way to reduce your time to market quality products. Thus, reduce market risks and helps in growing the business with the help of customers. Let us take a look at how Odoo 16 PLM supports engineering change orders.


PLM Changes in Odoo 16

Main change for the PLM module in Odoo 16 is in the creation of BOM ECOs. We can suggest the changes while in the manufacturing process itself. This improves the change management process.


At first, Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) module should be installed in your database.

To view all Engineering Change Orders (ECO) go to the PLM module ==> then click the Overview button. Here you can see all your ECO s.





You can create ECO Tags, ECO Types, and ECO Stages from the Configuration menu.


To create the ECO stage, use the columns to add multiple stages of the ECO type.
Engineering Change Orders now have four stages: New, In Progress, Validated, Effective for each ECO types. Also, each stage can have multiple approvals. Here, we are adding the approval of Engineering Department for the validation of an ECO.

Now, let’s create an ECO. For that, click on menu Changes and from there you can create an ECO. After creating an ECO, it will be in the draft stage.

We have created an ECO for the product ‘Desk Combination’ and our purpose is to add an extra drawer to our desk.

So, let’s start our revision here we are adding an extra quantity to the BOM Drawer.

Click on Start Revision button, then there you can see a Revision button and if we click on that we can set the changes in the manufacturing process of the product. In our case we have added additional drawer to the desk and there we can simply update quantity for that specific the BOM.


If we check back our ECO, we can see the additional change listed in BOM changes.


After the Revision process, we can set the stage to validate. Since we have already given an approval from engineering department for this stage, the approver can approve or reject this ECO now.

After the approval we can apply the changes that we require and this change will be effective from now on for the manufacturing of this product.














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