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Odoo 16 Features

Odoo 16 Features

Nahla AlikuttyOct. 25, 2022

The new version of Odoo comes with many advancements in performance and speed.It is the fastest and most user-friendly version ever developed.There is an improvement in existing features and design.Odoo 16 introduces a new Knowledge application which helps to manage and share knowledge within your company

When it comes to performance, each backend page loads and renders 3.7 times faster than a frontend page.

Website and eCommerce loading times are 2.7 times faster on controllers.

The following is a list of the new features that have been added to Version 16.

Dark mode

Search view has been redesigned

Help icon

On hovering this icon, we can see the details of that field.

Internal Link

Many2one fields have internal link icon,on clicking it opens form view of that data

Edit configuration

In Odoo16 ,edit button is not present .We just need to click on a field to update its value.

Position and design of Save,Discard,Action and Print buttons are changed.


Bank Reconciliation Widget

Bank Reconcilation process become much easier and user-friendly


To make analytic distribution, analytic plans , and analytic distribution models easier, a new analytic widget was added to invoices. Using analytical accounts or plans, we can evaluate financial reports.

Account Reports

Account Reports were completely redesigned to enhance its speed, user interface (UI), definition, and audit.

Journal Audits

Numerous Journal Audits improvements have been made, including the inclusion of tax applied details, the removal of redundant information, and the disregarding of empty journals.

Accounting Menu

Reduced the number of menu options to make it easier for users to select the appropriate menu based on the type of operation.

Initial Setup

In accounting settings, there is an option for choosing how to setup Chart of Accounts (CoA) – can be reviewed manually or import accounting data


Storno Accounting

Storno accounting is a new feature. By enabling this, you can use negative debits and credits to reverse original accounting entries.

Batch Payments: Chatter and Activities

For batch payments, the chatter and activity scheduling are now available.

Asset Cancellation

Asset Cancellation is now possible

 Sales Credit Limit

In Accounting configuration ,on enabling Sales Credit Limit ,trigger alerts when creating Sales Orders and Invoices for Partners with a Total Receivable amount exceeding the given limit.

New screen for defining payment terms that includes dynamic examples and methods for calculating due dates.

Recurring Account Moves Management

Recurring account transfers for bills and invoices have been made simpler; an entry can now be posted automatically at various frequencies.

Journals Audit Report

The journal audit report is updated, which makes it easier to understand.


Customer Address

By enabling Customer Addresses,customer can add specific billing and shipping addresses.

Drag and Drop Upload

Files can be imported by dragging and dropping them on the Accounting Dashboard cards (invoices, bills, miscellaneous, bank) or the Journal List views.

 Cash Discount Tax Reduction

When will the tax be reduced when offering a cash discount.

Accounting Firms Mode

This mode changes how the sequence of each document works at the document level.

 Journal Groups Naming

Journal Group names are now all distinct to make financial reports easier to comprehend.

 Lock Dates Tracking

On the company's form view, a chatter keeps track of changes to lock dates.

Non-continuous Sequence Alert

When the sequence of a sales or purchase journal is not continuous, smart alerts are shown on the dashboard.

Follow-up Reports

Give each partner a different follow-up contact.A partner might be excluded automatic follow-ups.manually configure a partner's follow-up levels.enhanced wizard for manual follow-up creation.Improved user interface with follow-up levels definition, individual report, and follow-up list.

Set a follow-up level filter for follow-up reports.


360 Feedback Template

Improved the standard feedback survey template.

Employee Skills

New employee skills can be added directly from an appraisal.

Appraisal Date

Now, the employee's contract start date is used as the default appraisal date. The employee's creation date is given if none is available. You can also edit multiple records' appraisal dates at once.

Reporting: Skills Evolution

A report on the evolution of employees' skills was added.



The order in which approval requests are processed by the approvers can be done in sequential order

Inherited Rights

Users can view approval requests without requiring special access rights.


Extra Hours

When checking out, you can see the extra hours for the day and, if positive, the total of extra hours.

 Kiosk Mode Authentication

Allow users to choose their authentication method in kiosk mode.In attendance configuration, you can choose how long the greeting message should be displayed, the attendance mode through which the user will be identified by the application,and can define the camera used to scan the barcode in Barcode Source.




Operation form view was mobile-optimized and chatter is included

Pickings Deletion

Remove any products that were scanned but had not been ordered.

Packagings: Stock Moves


View supplier reference on receipts.

Scanning Packages

Transfers can be filtered by scanning packaging. Scan a package or a transfer barcode from the list of transfers to open it. From the main menu, scan a package to find out what's contained.

User Assignation on Picking

By automatically allocating a user to a picking/batch as soon as this user changes quantities, you may prevent having two people perform the same task.

Transfers: Chatter and Kanban

Added the chatter to transfer information and a Kanban view of the moves.


 Force Backorders

For each operation type, we can decide whether backorder should be created or not based on -Ask,Always,Never.

Ask : users are asked to choose if they want to make a backorder for remaining products

Always : a backorder is automatically created for the remaining products

Never : remaining products are cancelled

Automatic Batch Transfers

In operation types, Automatic batches helps to automate creation of batches.It can be either per contact, destination country,source location, or destination location.


 Transfers: Done Quantity

Possible to edit done quantity in transfer operations.

 Barcode App

Barcode App tab in operation type

Replenishment Locations

Left panel in Replenishment can be used to sort by locations

Locations can set as Replenishment Locations so that you can automate replenishment on that specific locations

Inventory Adjustements

 In Inventory adjustment, Storage category and last Count Date is added.

Visibility Days

In order to take into account the quantity required after the forecast date, set visibility days on a replenishment rule. 

Reception Report

Links to Sales Orders, product names on labels, automatic display on Barcode, and moving the auto-popup setting to the operation type are additions to the reception report. 

Replenishment: Warehouse Levels

When resupplying from other warehouses, view their available stock from the replenishment report vendor info.


1 - Recurring Revenue

Recurring revenue is now displayed on kanban view

2 - Archiving Partner Activation Levels

Archive partner activations levels.

3 - Lead Analysis

View all of the leads you've assigned and their performance from a single reporting place. 

4 - Link Opportunity

The event that results from establishing a calendar invite from a lead is now associated with the lead. 

5   -Similar Lead Detection

Based on phone number we can detect similar leads

6 - Lead Language

A lead now receives the language set on the customer linked to it if it has no language set. 

7 - Reseller Tracking

We can track opportunities of each resellers from kanban view and form view .


8-Merging Leads

When merging leads, the source leads fill in all of the empty fields on the destination lead.


Video Calls UI

Video calls and side panel for settings

Download Images Button

On hovering an image in chatter ,can see download option

Copy Invitation Link

Can copy and invite people using invitation link


Emojis structured in categories

Video Background Blur

During video calls, blur the background. 


In the systray, notifications are shown for all tracked changes (such as stage changed and task ready).

Show Guests

Lists of members now include guests. 

Join/Leave Notifications

Channel join/leave alerts have undergone a change to make them less intrusive.

 Search Current User

The chatbox search results now include the current user.


Odoo 16 comes with the integration of a new module named "Knowledge," which functions like a knowledge center. This module helps to create and share articles for effective communication within an organization. The ability to nest articles with the same property, add indexes and outlines to show off nested articles, and use the /item command to create custom databases inside of articles are all available to users. There is a grace period before deleted articles are permanently removed.


1 - Readability

The calendar has improved with different colours to make it easier to read.


2 - Video Calls

Meetings can be done online using video calls by entering the videocall url in the event form .Using the event form or the meeting popover, you can join the video call.

1 - Profit and Loss

In the consolidation account When using the "Invert Balance Sign" toggle button, Consolidated Profit and Loss can now show positive profits and negative losses instead of debit minus credit.


1 - Filters and Search

In the employee dashboard, filter and search contains filters by "my team" and "my department" and search by managers .

2 - Departments
The Kanban view of departments now includes a smart button that shows how many employees are employed in each department.I

3 - Fleet

n odoo 15 employee form contains a button 'claim car report' which is replaced by a smart button named 'car' in odoo 16.It shows the vehicle history of an employee.

4 - Multiple Plans

On/Offboarding plans has option to add department that helps to link plans to that specific department.This helps to start plan for multiple employee at once.

5 - Skills Wizard

A default skill level is added for each skill type.Design of skill creation wizard is changed 

6 - Skills Report

Employees ------>  Reporting -----> Skills

Report displaying skills of all employees.

7 - Plans: Request Signature

Now, the "Request Signature" activity sends a signature request by email automatically.

8 - eLearning Smart Button

Link to the user's eLearning profile was added to a smart button.


    In sales module,Favourite menu contains a new options - to insert link into article and insert view in article .

1 - Canceled SO Confirmation

On canceling a confirmed sale order there ask confirmation for cancelling and also an option to email and cancel.

2 - Coupons, Loyalty Cards and eWallets

Promotions, coupons, loyalty, and gift cards can be accessed direcly from sale module.Also an e-wallet feature is added which is not present in previous version of odoo.We can easity access and track their usage across Point of sale,Sales and Ecommerce apps


3 - Delivery Status

Sales orders now include a delivery status.
This status enables users to quickly determine if the products have been fully delivered, partially delivered, or not at all.
It also makes it possible to check whether they arrived on time. 

4 - Canceled SO/Invoice Payment
Stop users from using a payment link to pay for a cancelled sales order or invoice.

5 - Partner Pricelists
If there are any open Sales Orders, including those in the website shopping cart, when changing a partner's pricelist, a warning is shown.


1 - Bill Price Matching

When the bill price and the purchase order price differ, the cost is adjusted. 

2 - Reciept date renamed to Expected Arrival

3 - Purchase History

Purchase history button in purchase orderline gives the purchase history of that product which helps to track price.


4 - Receipt Status

Purchase order contain Reciept Status that shows whether the products have been received, partially received, or not received. It also allows seeing if they were received on time.

5 - Call for Tender

Can create alternative RFQ to different venders under Alternative tab in Purchase order. Based on expected arrival, OTD and/or total amount we can choose the best product lines we can decide to order some products from one vendor and others from another vendor.

6.Create Alternative

Compare product Lines


1 - Simplified Interface

The Point of Sale has many usability changes to make it easier to use across all screens.

2 - Coupons and Loyalty Cards

Promotions, Coupons, Loyalty Program,Gift Card & ewallet programs are available

3 - Margins and Costs Visibility

Margin and cost visibility can be managed on product information.

4 - General Settings

We can manage point of sale configs from general settings.

5 - Order Auto-confirmation

Auto-confirm PoS orders after an electronic payment if there are no outstanding balances.

6 - Loyalty Model

In order to handle loyalty programmes across the Sales, Website, and PoS apps, PoS is now in line with the multi-channel model. 

7 - Quotations/Orders Total

Now that actual totals on quotations and orders are shown, you can see how much is still due before loading the quotation or order. 

8 - Invoices: Closed Session and Client Portal Request

Create invoices for sales orders from sessions that have already ended.
Since there is now a choice to add QR codes to receipts, customers can request bills directly through the portal. 


1- Auto by Default

In the case that the user has never given a signature, an auto-signature is automatically suggested (instead of Draw).

2 - Multi-company

Better multi-company environment support: even if the sending user switches companies, all outgoing signature requests now come from the correct company. 

3 - Reporting

Green Savings Report - Report based on ecological savings using electronical signatures.

4 - itsme® Integration

This allow signatories to provide their identity using itsme® (available in Belgium and the Netherlands). 

5 - Signing order
This allow users to define a signing order, where recipients are only notified when it is their turn to sign. 

6 - Refusal

Give recipients the option to decline signing a document. 

7 - Share Document

Improved sharing of documents. 

8 - Signature Frame

To make sure that paper copies of signed documents include a clue indicating that they were electronically signed, signatures are given a visual frame. 


1 - Documents Management
Document management is possible from tasks using Documents smart button.

Document workspace

2 - Recurring Task Planning

By enabling Recurrent Tasks in configuration ,we can auto-generate tasks for regular activities.

Can also configure from Project form.


Sale order item can now be choosen from the project

3 - SMS Templates on Stages

In Task Stages form, if SMS Template is set, SMS Text Message will be sent automatically to the customer when the task reaches the stage.

4 - Tags Management 

In Task form, can see only tags that are already present in the project and on creating a tag that is already present ,it won’t generate duplicate.

5 - Open Reporting

All Project users  can access the reporting menu and view the information according to their access rights. 

6 - Gantt View

With the progress bar in Gantt view, you can see the current resource allocation.

7 - Milestones on Tasks

When tasks are completed, link milestones with them and mark them as completed. 



1 - Flexible Hour Management

 Planning of employees can be managed with flexible hours
We can define role for each material resources.

2 –  Open Reporting

All planning users have access to reporting menu,nad can view information to their access rights level.

3 - Material Resources Role

4 – Print

Print the planning of employees.


1 – Quality Checks

We can add quality checks to your transfer operations .




1 – Chatbots

New menu under Configurations - Chatbots can be used to welcome and guide website visitors

2 - Live Chat Button

Display a notification next to the Live Chat button. 


1- Reception Notification

We can send notification to users when their order is delivered.


2 -Order Sent Stage

The stage "Order sent" has been added.


1- Payroll Dashboard

   2 - Document Folder for Ex-employees

 Send a Link for former employees to access their documents. 

3 - Manager Access Rights

Added the Manager level of access rights, enabling them to view the contracts of their team members.

4 - Entries from Planning and Attendances

Work entries for contracts may be based on planning, attendance, or a fixed schedule. 


1 - Allocation Reports

Allocation reports for manufacturing orders are available. 
If we link manufacturing order with a sale order,customer can see status of manufacturing order at every stage

2 - Expired Lots Notifications

Get alerts when using expired lots for manufacturing orders as well as picking operations. 

3 - Manual MO Consumption

Choose the components on the Bill of Materials that need to be manually registered during production.
The manufacturing order must then be closed after manually recording the usage of these components. 

4 - Kit Valuation

To automatically split purchase order prices based on component valuation, set a cost share for Kit type BOM components. 

5 – MPS

Import and export products and their forecasts. Delete and replenishment done in batches.

6 - Usability

Filter by Unbuild Manufacturing order

7 - Return and Repair

From a return, create a repair order.
A notification is sent to the corresponding repair order once the return has been processed.  

8 - Work Centers Capacities

By Set Up and Clean Up times in work center form,we can expand Work Centers specific capacities.

9 - MO/BOM Overview

The Structure and Cost report has been completely redesigned and is now called Overview.
Based on current and forecast stock, lead times and the next availability date are now available. 

10 - Split and Merge MOs

Split manufacturing orders into batches, or split orders and allocate production across employees or work centres. Merge manufacturing orders for planning or batch production. 


1 - Skills on Applicant

Skills can be created for an applicant when creating applicant record

2 - Interviewer Access

Option to add interviewer in applicant record.Interviewer can access applicant records without having full rights on the Recruitment app.

3 - New Reports

New reports under Reporting Menu – Source Analysis,Time in stage Analysis,Team Performance

Time in Stage Analysis

Team Performance

Source Analysis



1 - Background Image

We can set background image for referral dashboard from settings.



1 - Rental Period 

Create different period types .


1 - Design of Mailing list is changed.

2 - Contacts Mass Edit

Mass edit can be done in list view of mailing list contacts.


3 - 24H Stat Mailing Reports

Can check how well your mailing is doing a day after it has been sent .


1- Stress Days 

Stress days can be created in situation when employees cannot ask for leave.It can also be linked with a department.

Create stress days with name ,start date,end date ,color to be used for marking in calender view and departments.

Blocked Stress days


    1. Time Off Block
Block employees from creating or modifying timesheets linked to time off.

    2. Grid View
View the remaining hours of projects, tasks, and prepaid sales order items in Grid view.

    3. Lock Dates
Block the encoding of a user's timesheets based on the date of their most recently validated timesheet.
    4. Open Reporting
All Timesheet users can access the reporting menu and view the available information to their access rights level.

    5. Overtime: Contracts
Contracts are taken into account when calculating overtime.

    6. Reports from SO/Invoice/Ticket
Get reports of timesheet entries from sales orders, invoices, and helpdesk tickets.

    7. Tickets
Log time on helpdesk tickets from the Timesheets app.


1- Website Menu

Backend and Frontend menus were merged which makes switching between the two easier.

2 - Backend View

From website we can access the backend view of products,events and appointments.

3 – Controller as homepage

Define controller as homepage in settings. Can choose a dynamic page such as Event or Shop.

4 - Dynamic Events

Using dynamic events building block, display events anywhere on a website. 

5 - Scroll Animations

Added scroll animations.

6 - Visibility: Mobile and/or Desktop
Visibility of building blocks can be controlled.

7 – Site Menu Restructure

The Site menu provides quick access to all website pages and items. 

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