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Odoo 16 eLearning Module

eLearning Module

Akshaya ThyagarajanDec. 12, 2022

Odoo introduced the module eLearning which is very helpful to teachers and students. This is the best Learning Management System this allows community learning, sharing knowledge, and inspiring others.The new version of Odoo (Odoo 16) introduced some more valuable features. These features are made more user-friendly and practical. The new features are listed below. Explore that.
    • Banner Header
    • Bought Courses
    • Course Duplication
    • Done/Undone Content
    • Onboarding
    • Publication Tracking
    • Registration Prompt
    • Test History
    • Vimeo

Banner Header
Other versions of Odoo don't support customizing the banner headers of courses. But now in Odoo 16, you can customize the banner headers of courses using the edit option.

Bought Courses
If you need to sell courses in Odoo 16, you can create a new product with the Product Type as the course. If your customers want a course, they can buy that course from the “Courses” menu on the website.

Course Duplication
Other versions of Odoo support course duplication but not copied all the contents of that course. But now in Odoo 16, you can duplicate a course the all content is copied.  

Done/Undone Content
In Odoo 16 attendees can mark the course content done or undone.

In Odoo 16 you bought a course. After the payment, you have a shortcut for accessing the course that redirects to the course detail page.

Publication Tracking
In Odoo 16 you can track the chatter when you publish or unpublish content.

Registration Prompt
If you are a visitor to the website, you cannot access the course. But if you want to access the course you can register for the course.

Test History
In Odoo 16 the attendees can overview their certifications.

In Odoo 16 you can use the Vimeo video link for video lessons.

In order to configure the settings of the course, you need to navigate to the "Settings” menu under the "Configuration" menu of the eLearning module.

Here you can update the options for your course like certifications, paid or free course, mailing options and forum option etc.

Course Group
This helps to create a course group. This is inside the "Configuration" menu. This categorizes Quiz and Certification tags.

Content Tags
The content tags are used to easily identify the course. This is placed under of "Configuration" menu.

Creating a course in Odoo 16 eLearning module
After installing the eLearning app, you can access the dashboard of the eLearning module. That contains courses and if you need to create a course use the "Create" button.

Clicking the "Create" button redirects to the course-creating page. You can add the course title, course content, course description, etc.  After creating a course, you can manage the visibility of the course in the front end and also you can change the course page in the front end.

What is an eLearning "Forum"?
The eLearning Forum is a very helpful feature for the attendees. The use of a forum is you can ask any doubts about the belonging course.

If you want to create a Forum you can access the "Forum" menu in the top bar of eLearning and after getting the page you can create a Forum by clicking the "Create" button.

If you want to create a Forum Post you need to access the “Forum” page on the website. After that, you can create the Forum Post on the website's front end.

After creating the post, you can see the all-post list (published or unpublished) in the backend of the eLearning module.  
Click the "Forum" menu -> select the "Posts" menu

In Odoo eLearning module provide a feature for "Certification Courses". That makes it more useful. If you are a teacher or anything you can create the "Certification Course" using the eLearning module.
Click the "Courses" menu -> select the "Certifications" menu-> Click the "Create" button

Courses selling on eCommerce
This feature is very useful because you can sell your course in Odoo e-commerce using the "On payment" option.

How to view the course?
In the backend of the course dashboard, you can see the "view course" button. You can click the "View course" button that redirects to the course detail page on the website. Once you created a course in the unpublished stage you can change the status on the course detail page and also you can change the status of course content in the front end.
The detail page of the course denotes the course content, last updated time, and person. You can access the Forum here and also you can post questions. You can add your review here and also you can see your course score. You can add content or section for a course in the front end.

How to attend the course?
You are logged as a "Public" user you can attend the course by clicking the attached file list on the “Course” main page. 

Also, you can attend the course using the "Share Link".

How to join a course?
You are logged as a "Public User". If you like to join a course on the course page you can select the course and click the "Join This Course" Button on the course detail page.

After you join the course, you can see the status change on the course detail page “you are enrolled” and also you can access the course content on that page.

After you click the course content that redirects to the course content inner page. You can see the detailed contents on this page.

Once you complete the course you can see the “Completed” Status on that course's main page.

After completing a course, you can see the score in course page.


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