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Odoo 13 Support


Varsha SureshDec. 12, 2019

Release of Odoo 13

Odoo – On Demand Open Object is an OpenSource software. Odoo is an OpenSource ERP. ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning, is a modular software system. ERP is design to integrate the main functional areas of an organization's business processes into a unified system. Odoo is an OpenSource ERP software system whose source code is publicly available to all. Odoo is a large collection of business-related applications and also modules. It includes CRM, Sales management, E-commerce, Warehouse management, Purchase management, Accounting, Manufacturing, Warehouse management, HRMS, etc. Recently Odoo has released its new version - Odoo 13. Odoo 13 was emerged with many drastic changes in the world of Odoo. Odoo 13 also support all the 800+ modules of Odoo. It was released with many replacement in its older version.

Odoo is an all in one business application. Odoo 13 is integrate with some build in business management applications like Sales, Accounting, Purchase, Inventory Management, eCommerce, Manufacturing, Warehouse, etc. Moreover, it also support many third-party applications and plugins. It is available in different versions and different editions, such as community free edition and paid enterprise Edition.

Odoo 13 Support

Explore the facility of Odoo 13 Support

Odoo support help the customers in making cost effective and correct use of Odoo. A good Odoo support can provide the user all their Odoo needs. Moreover, Odoo 13 support helps whoever who have start to use Odoo functional or technical support. That is, through Odoo support, users can get maximum productivity from their odoo. Odoo integrates with many business modules. These modules mainly aim to efficiently and seamlessly communicate with each other so as to exchange information and grow business. For the proper running of any organization technical and functional support is pivotal. Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., which is an Odoo ERP Implementation partner provides both technical and functional Odoo 13 support.

Odoo 13 Technical Support

Technical support in Odoo assures that the Odoo system is up and running without bugs. Also new changes will be implemented and will be able to integrate with other tools. Technaureus have experience in all editions and versions of Odoo. That is, including Odoo 13.

Odoo 13 Technical Support

Odoo 13 Functional Support

In Odoo functional support, we provide/assist the clients with Odoo related features. That is, we offer them the functionalities that Odoo 13 provides them. An Odoo functional supporter will have the ability to access future business expansion requirements. Odoo 13 functional support is a clear cut of idea which can be easily delivered to our customers.

Odoo 13 Functional Support

Need of Odoo 13 Support

The Odoo functional consultant play a pivotal role in organizing the technical python team. Because, they transform the technical code into functional areas which can be utilized by an ordinary man. In addition, an efficient Odoo consultant can analyze and also map our software requirements. They can also develop highly functional, standard modifications and strategy changes. Moreover, they provide solution by evaluating the difficulties and deformities. So, while choosing an ERP consultant, make sure the consultants have very good experience, planning and implementing successful ERP projects and the feedback’s of the clients are good. In the latest version Odoo 13, technical and functional consultants are also having a very big role in dealing with the clients and assisting them.

Qualities of Odoo Consultant :

  • Odoo consultant should have a very good knowledge in Odoo and its support services.
  • Consultant should able to analyze the requirements of their customers.
  • Should possess efficient communication skill.
  • The consultant should have knowledge about technical and also functional aspect of Odoo.
  • A good Odoo consultant should think about the future of the business workflow.

What support does Technaureus Odoo 13  offers ?

♣Provides Odoo Functional Support.

♣Offers Odoo Technical Support.

♣Provides Database Administration.

♣Help-desk portal support for customers.

♣Service in both Enterprise and Community Editions.

♣High Quality Deliverables.

♣Providing Administration Support.


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