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Odoo 13 Restaurant POS Table Management


Anjali AjithDec. 10, 2019

Restaurant POS Table Management In Odoo 13

Managing the Restaurant is quite easy with Odoo. The hike in Eatery Business is becoming trend now a days. Odoo provides various tools to manage the restaurant, billing, ordering etc. Odoo 13 Restaurant POS is one of the latest trend in Odoo. In this blog we are quickly having an overview of the Odoo 13 Restaurant POS and also a jump from floor to floor to your table's orders.

You need to enable the Table management in POS section to avail this feature by Odoo. Then, give the floors of the restaurant that you want to manage. All those things are purely customizable.

Go to, Configuration -->point of sale

Table management configuration in Odoo 13 Restaurant POS.

Begin Session

Start a session in the restaurant.

New restaurant session in Odoo 13 Restaurant POS.

Following image is an interface of the table management in the restaurant session. Click on the table icon to customize it. There are no of seats associated with each of the table. You add the seats, highlight the table with another color or even with shape. Click and drag the white portion on the table icon to change the existing shape. More editing options are also available in the upper right hand menu.

Floor pos interface in Odoo 13 Restaurant POS.

The floor plan will tell you exactly where your customers are, where are the free tables, who is still waiting for food, how much room do you have left.

To manage the orders, click on the corresponding table. It will automatically redirect you to the POS session. Thereafter, you can accept the orders and payment from there.

Suppose I am serving orders to table T2. So click on T2.

Table management POS

After the payment, print the bill. Then, you will be able to see who served the guests, number of guests, table number in the receipt.

Print of payment bill receipt.

We hope this blog gave you a very good understanding about the Table Management in Odoo 13 Restaurant POS.


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