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Odoo 13 Putaway Strategies on Location

Odoo 13 Putaway Strategies on Location

ajay krishnaApril 29, 2020

In Odoo 13 warehouse, we can set a specific location for products or a specific product category. This feature is called Putaway strategies in Odoo 13 . By using putaway strategies, we can move the products from the receiving location to a particular location. It will be done automatically. In addition, by this feature we can take products of the receiving shipment and put them into the most appropriate location.

To use this feature, enable the Multi-Step Routes in Inventory settings.

Go to Inventory->Configuration->Settings->Warehouse->

Odoo 13 Putaway Strategies inventory_settings

Enable the Multi-Step Routes option.


Then, go to the Location in the Configuration menu.

Odoo 13 Putaway Strategies

If we want to change a product’s location from WH/Stock, click that location to change.

Putaway Rules

Odoo 13 Putaway Strategies inventory_configuration_location_stock

Select the Putaway Rules-> button to create putaway rule.


Odoo 13 Putaway Strategies inventory_configuration_location_stock_putaway

We can see that no rules are available. Create a new putaway rule by clicking Create-> button.


Select the Product

Select the Product or select any product category and set the store to location.

Here we set the store to location as WH/Stock/Shelf 2/Small Refrigerator.

So we purchase the Club Sandwitch. It will automatically move to WH/Stock/Shelf 2/Small Refrigerator location.


Go to the Purchase order window to create new purchase.
That is, Purchase->Purchase Orders->

purchase order

Then click the Create-> button to create a new purchase order.


purchase order_create

Enter the details:

  • Select the vendor
  • Order Date
  • Select the product(Club Sandwitch)
  • Enter the quantity

Then Save-> and Confirm Order-> the order.


 Save and Confirm the order.

Click Receive Products-> to receive the product.


purchase orders_recieve products

Click the menu icon on the right side of the Done quantity.


 purchase orders_recieve products

Change the done quantity from 0 to 10 then click Confirm->.


Odoo 13 Putaway Strategies purchase orders_to validate

Then Validate-> the purchase order.


Odoo 13 Putaway Strategies purchase orders_validated order

Click the Product in the refreshed window to see the details.


Odoo 13 Putaway Strategies purchase order

Here we can see the product order details. Select the product again to see the product page.


Odoo 13 Putaway Strategies ordered product details

Select the Traceability-> button to know the product moves.


ordered product_traceability

The Traceability window contains the product move.
The product moves from Partner Location to the putaway location WH/Stock/Shelf 2/Small Refrigerator.



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