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Odoo 13 Projects - Collaborative Pads


Anjali AjithJan. 22, 2020

Collaborative pads are useful in a scenario where a group work is done, especially in a company many tasks will be carried out at a time. Each task will be assign to group of members. Collaborative pads help to mingle with the group members simultaneously. Let's see how odoo 13 collaborative pads works.

  • To use it, install the project module and go to Configuration --> Settings -->collaborative pads.

Tick the check box against to enable the collaborative pad.

collaborative pads in Odoo13 projects

  • Now go to project, you can either select an existing project or you can create a new project.

new project in Odoo 13 projects collaborative pads

Here, I have created a new project, you can assign all the details specified in the wizard as your choice. Tick on the check box if you need to enable the collaborative pads.

  • If the visibility is set as the Invited employees, only those who are invited are allowed to see or collaborate with the project.

invitation mail

  • After creating a project, now you can create boards and tasks. Assign tasks to any employee or invite them to join the task.

 invitation for task in coolaborative pads in Odoo13 projects

Assigning Deadlines

  • You can assign deadlines for tasks.

setting deadline for rask in collaborative pads in Odoo13 projects

  • Click on the settings icon to change the settings.

Click on the settings icon to change the settings in collaborative pads in Odoo13 projects.

  • Click on the users icon to add a name to current user, also you can add a specific colour to each user to distinguish between the chats.

users on pad in collaborative pads in odoo13 projects

  • You can disable the authorized colour by clicking on the icon shown.

disable authorized colour

  • This is collaborative chat window that is enable from the settings.

Collaborative chat window

  • You can share this pad by copying the link provided in the share and embed option. One can restrict the user rights to read only also.

share and embed option

  • The time slider is for converting writing into a video. It is the same as a video player. It has a two button like play and a pause button. You will be able see the creation date here.

 time slider in collaborative pads in odoo13 projects

  • Import and Export is for importing and exporting the data in the collaborative pad. You can import any text file or document. Also Etherpad HTML / Plain text are the options for exporting the file.

 import export data in collaborative pads odoo13 projects.

This is a kanban view of what we have done earlier, by clicking on the 3 dots on the upper right hand ,you can go to settings. You can add cover image from there. The green dot that we can see below indicates ready for next stage. There is also red dot which indicates the task is blocked.

 kanban view

We hope the blog helped you in understanding about Collaborative Pads in Odoo 13 Projects.


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