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Odoo 13 Product Category

Odoo 13 Product Category

Anjali AjithFeb. 3, 2020

One can easily categorize products in Odoo using the product category option. Here, we discuss about the Odoo 13 Product Category.

To create a new product category : In Inventory module :

Go to Configuration -->Products--> Product categories --> Create.

Odoo 13 Product category

 New product category in Odoo 13


  • Category Name : One can provide the new category name to indicate a new category.
  • Parent Category : One can create the hierarchy of the product category by choosing the parent category. Null selection is also possible if you don’t need one .

Odoo 13 product category hierarchy


  • Force removal strategy : Select a specific removal strategy that will be used regardless of the source location for the product category.

There are 2 types of forced removal strategy available in Odoo product Categories. They are :

  1. FIFO(First in First Out )
  2. LIFO (Last in First Out )

Inventory Valuation : It is the cost associate with an entity's inventory at the end of a reporting period. It has following costing methods. That is :

  1. Standard Price
  2. Average Cost
  3. First in First Out

Lets apply the new category to a product .You can add the category to the existing products or to a new product at the time of product creation .

Go to Inventory → Master products → products. Select a product to change the category of the product.

change product category


Or create a product through Inventory → Master products → products → Create.

  • If a product is add on to any of the categories, it will reflect in the highlighted portion shown below.

Saleable product

If any change is made to the product categories, the same will affect to the products entered in that category earlier.


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