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Odoo 13 Prefill Cash Payment in POS

Odoo 13 Prefill Cash Payment

ajay krishnaApril 5, 2020

Prefill Cash Payment With Odoo13

It requires a lot of time to enter the due amount of each customer while billing, probably in the billing of supermarkets etc. There is a feature called Prefill cash payment with Odoo13 which can solve this problem. Once the goods are placed in order, at the billing, tender amount will automatically appear as the due amount.

Prefill amount to be paid with the exact due amount is what happening when we enable the prefill cash payment in POS. In this blog we will discuss in detail about the Odoo13 prefill cash payment.


Lets compare a session in point of sale with and without Prefill Cash Payment with Odoo 13

In Point of configuration module go to Configuration-->Point of sale , to enable this feature :

Hit save and start a new session.

  • Start a new session with this feature.
  • Make some orders on products
  • Select the customer
  • Click on the payment button

You can see the due amount and the tendered amount as the same .

Prefill Cash Payment with Odoo 13

There is no need to retype the exact amount for the user.

Now take the other way:

*Again go to Configuration and uncheck the selection of Prefill cash payment

*Start a new session without this feature

*Make some orders on products

*Select the customer

*Click on the payment button

*You can see the due amount and the tendered amount s different .That is when ever the customer pays the amount, you can enter that amount in column for tendered amount

Prefill Cash Payment with Odoo 13

Cash payments which prefill  to do the payment automatically. The cash payments in POS  on the time of adding to the purchase the amount automatically. Likewise,we don't want select the payment option.It shows in the payment option in Odoo. As a Odoo ERP Service provider and Branding Partner we choose Odoo and loves Odoo 13 because of these features. In short,Odoo is implementing the new techniques so that Odoo promote to World wide. Hope the blog help in understanding the Odoo13 Prefill Cash Payment.

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