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Odoo 13 POS Payment Methods

Odoo 13 POS Payment Methods

ajay krishnaApril 13, 2020

In Odoo 13, the Point Of Sale contains Payment Method option. If we want to create a new Payment Method it is very easy in Odoo 13. The customer have many options to pay his bill. In this blog, we discuss in detail about the Odoo13 POS Payment Methods.

Go to the Menu->Point Of Sale->Configuration->Payment Methods->

Odoo 13 POS payment methods

Here we can see the two payment methods :

  • Cash
  • Bank

If we want to create a new method by clicking the Create-> button.

payment method creation

Enter the Payment Method name. We have two options here. That is :

  • Cash (payment is through cash)
  • Split Transactions (act of dividing a full amount of payment in two or more simultaneous transactions)

Select for our needs and click Save-> then go back to Payment Method-> menu.

payment method


Then we can see the created Payment Method is now present on the screen.

Go to Dashboard->

Odoo13 POS Payment Methods dashboard

Click the three doted menu on the right side of the Shop session and select the Settings-> button.


Odoo13 POS Payment Methods option

Go to Payment option and add the new Method(Mobile Payment) to Payment Methods.

Save-> the changes and go back to Point of Sale->


New session

Click New Session-> to start the new session.


Odoo13 POS Payment Methods option

  • Select products
  • Enter Quantity
  • Select Customer

Then go to the Payment-> option.

Odoo13 POS Payment Methods options

Here we can see three Payment options. That is :

  • Cash
  • Bank
  • Mobile Payment

Select the Mobile Payment-> and enter amount then Validate->

Odoo13 POS Payment Methods receipt

We can see the Payment Method in the receipt.

We hope this blog help you in understanding about Odoo13 POS Payment Methods.



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