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Odoo 13 Multi Websites

Odoo 13 Multi Websites

Anjali AjithMarch 4, 2020

Odoo enables companies to combine their business process easily and efficiently. Odoo is an integrated business application. The solution includes accounting, marketing, sales, purchase, manufacturing, warehouse, website /e-commerce, project management, and HR. Odoo can manage multiple websites from even one database. Making a website out of Odoo is super easy. For that you will require to install the website module. You can also install the additional apps /add-ons, which will be required to add the other functionalities of your website. In this blog we discuss on Odoo 13 Multi Websites in detail.

One can enable the multi website configuration before using it via :

Website --> configuration-->Settings

multi websites in odoo 13

Tick the checkbox against the Multi- Websites.

You can create new website by clicking on the Create new Website .create new website

Or there is another way to create website.

Go to Website --> Configuration -->Websites -->Create to create a website.

create new website

Give your website a name. Here I am initially leaving the domain as blank, so that Odoo will use the default domain. You can assign it later specifically. Save to see all the changes made so far.

To see the website that you have just created, go to :

Dash board -->Demo site(your website)--> Go to Website

Odoo 13 Multi Websites

Odoo already has a pre-build websites in it, just as you can see in the window.

You can add menu labels, customized themes, animations and much more. One can also code to create unique styles.

  • Click on New to add a new page.
  • Edit is used to update the features like Banner, Cover, Testimonials etc.

 new and edit option in multi websites in odoo 13

  • You can use SEO to Promote the content .


  • You can analyze or track the page visits.

Odoo 13 Multi Websites

As you can see Odoo is a package for building websites also. Even one with no programming knowledge can create websites in Odoo. Sounds nice, isn't it ?


Product Visibility

In Websites--> Products, select a product. In the eCommerce tab you can give in which website should it show up.

Either you can select a website or leave it as null to appear on all sites.

Odoo 13 Multi Websites

Handling Languages

You can install languages for page translation seperately through Websites--> Configuration -->Settings

Odoo 13 Multi Websites

Click on install languages and select a language to install.

Switching between websites

You can switch between websites in a single window. Just select the website and click on Go to websites.

Odoo 13 Multi Websites

Managing the domain names

As said earlier, your websites can either share the same domain name or use a specific one. If you share it and want to adapt the content per region, set country groups in the setting of each website. Visitors will be redirected to the right website using Geo IP.

You can mange this in Websites--> Configuration-->Settings

domain names

User Experience Management

User experience can be improved by managing the visibility of the tabs. One can publish the same web page to some other site. All the visual options available there are specific to each website. Customization of the pages makes a wave in user experience.

One can customize the page through website-->customize

customize website


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