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Odoo 13 Migration

Odoo 13 Migration

Varsha SureshDec. 25, 2019

Odoo being an OpenSource, is available to all. Every user can easily access and customize it according to their requirements. Odoo is an all in one business ERP consists of 800+ modules. It contains all business related applications such as Accounting, Sales, Finance, HRMS, CRM, Warehouse Management, Purchase Management etc. It is the fastest growing business ERP solution. Odoo is highly flexible and versatile. The latest update of Odoo, Odoo 13 has brought a major change in the world of Odoo. With the release of Odoo 13, there are many advantages and benefits to the Odoo users. With its effective inventory and stock management features, it allows any user who are new to Odoo or not to migrate to Odoo 13. Especially, any user relying with older version of Odoo, should migrate to Odoo 13 because of its enhanced features. Here, lets discuss about Odoo 13 migration.

Odoo 13 Migration

Why Odoo 13 Migration ?

Odoo has migrated to its latest version – Odoo 13. Any one can migrate to Odoo 13, even you are already an Odoo user or not. Frankly speaking, if you are using the older version that is, Odoo 11 – then it’s high time for you to migrate to the latest version – Odoo 13. The reason being that, the new features offered by Odoo 13 will obviously make an Odoo user to migrate to its latest version. Odoo 13 provides better User Interface, inventory management, stock management, better performance etc. Definitely, migrating to Odoo 13 will offer users with many advantages and success in their business. Moreover, Odoo 13 is highly optimized for the users with features including better track-ability of various operations. Technaureus have a team who ensures your business with updated Odoo migration so you don’t have to think about updating application and can focus on your business.

Odoo 13 Migration

There are mainly two types of Odoo 13 Migration :

♠Server - Level Migration

In server level migration of Odoo, we migrate to another server. It is very much cost effective method of migration. If you have custom developed modules, we can upgrade them to the desired version and migrate the data.

♠Database - Level Migration

In database level migration, we keep the correct data in database after updating to new module version. We can keep the backup of the database and then upload it. Thereafter, migrate the database and test it. After effective testing customize the migration process to our database. Finally, reinstall the migrated database.

Explore the latest Version of Odoo Migration

Like any, the latest versions of Odoo have many improved features such as speed, security and stability. Migration always indicates a positive attitude. That is, not relying with the present features, updating oneself and moving forward. But, moving forward does not mean that loosing all the previous data and stepping into a new one. Migration should be in such a way that all the previous data should be kept safe and further updated if required. In case of Odoo, the latest version being Odoo 13 offers the most amazing features to the customers. Odoo 13 migration provides versatile characteristics to the customers. All these functionalities can be assured only with the help of an excellent Odoo partner. Technaureus, one of the leading Odoo partner delivers with vibrant Odoo 13 migration services.

Why Technaureus ?

♥Experienced data analysts and also migration experts.

♥Pre and post support after migration.

♥High priority to the safety and security of your data.

♥Experts in database architecture and developing.

♥24/7 support available.


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