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Odoo 13 - How to create new stage for a project

How to create new stage

Anjali AjithJune 15, 2020

In Odoo 13, Project module provides some assistance in project management such as planning the project stages, task creation and allocation, sub tasks management etc. Stages in a project decides the complete schedule from project planning to completion. Odoo project module can manage stages at the time of creating a project or you can even edit the stages from an existing project. In this blog, we discuss about Odoo13 create new stage for a project.

To create a stage in Odoo project module, go to :

Configuration --> Stages --> Create

By default there will be some stages in it.

create new stage

You can give in which of the projects this stage need to appear.

stage in a project

Here, I had given a project for this stage to appear. Below is the screenshot which shows the stage that we had just added.

Odoo13 Create New Project Stage

You can also add a new stage from a project dashboard itself by clicking on Add a Column.

Create new Stage

We the hope the blog help to understand how to create a new stage for project in Odoo13.


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