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Odoo 13 Features

odoo 13 features

Muhammed NabeelMay 28, 2019

Odoo 13

Odoo 13 future expectation and odoo 13 featuresAfter the release of Odoo version 12, Odoo step up for their next version ODOO 13. Thus, Odoo V13 is expected to get released during the Odoo experience to be held in the October 2019. Thus, Odoo is revealing it's new version Odoo 13 with many astonishing features. Odoo has already proven itself to be a game-changing tool for businesses. So, let’s have a look on the Odoo 13 Future Expectations and the probable features.

What's Next?

The Key Points that come to the Odoo 13 Roadmap are:

1) Odoo Bank

2) OCR

3) The accountant as a service

4) Integration with recruitment

5) Internet of things

6) Stock Management Enhancement

7) Improvement in Maintenance App

8) Track positions

9) Record Attendance

10) Industry Focus

Including all these properties, Odoo 13 is ready to hit the mass market. Odoo 13 brings many new features in addition to Odoo 12. Moreover, in Odoo 13 version, some of the modules from Odoo v12 Enterprise is moved to Community Edition. In addition, the modules like Sale Coupon and Promotion Program, Website Form Builder are moved from Enterprise to the Community Edition and Human Resource payroll is moved from Community to Enterprise Edition. Thus, it's time for you to excite yourself by reading the awesome features of Odoo 13.


Odoo 13 features

  • HR Payroll Module Removed from Odoo 13 Community Edition.
  • New App Field Service Management.
  • Display a timer on your work orders.
  • Odoo 13 will be running on jQuery 3.
  • Delivery Method is renamed by  'Shipping Method'.
  • Subcontracting in MRP.
  • Restrict Available Product Categories in Point Of Sale
  • Point of Sale Login With Employee
  • Time Off (Leave Renamed)
  • New Search Panel in Kanban View
  • Product Configurator
  • Open Record Rules and also Access Rights Easily
  • Enable Agree Terms and also Condition in Odoo Ecommerce
  • List View Improvements
  • Added Sales Coupon and also Promotion to the Odoo 13 Community edition
  • Merge Contacts.
  • New module named HR Skills added for managing employee skills.
  • Sales Coupon and also Promotion module, moved to the Community.
  • Website form builder is moved to Community.
  • Display Product Videos in eCommerce.
  • Generate and also print return labels for all carriers. As well as additional improvements regarding delivery orders on the portal.
  • HTML editor support now as Checklists.
  • Option to Manage online certifications with Odoo Survey. (Test deadline, multiple attempts, on-screen timer, passing score, send and also print certificates.)
  • After sales services. Manage refunds, returns, coupons, and repairs directly from your help-desk tickets. Integrate your support teams with sales, accounting, project, and also warehouse departments.  etc..


explore more on odoo 13

Here we also introduces you the control panel view in Odoo 13, Search Panel in Kanban View and also introduces you about Payroll removal from Odoo 13 Community.

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Odoo 13 Features


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