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Odoo 13 Employee Presence Control

Odoo 13 Employee Presence Control

ajay krishnaMay 11, 2020

Employee Presence Control in Odoo 13

In Odoo 13 there is a new feature,Employees attendance. We can do this by installing the Employee Presence Control module or by activating the Advance Presence Control feature. By this feature we can do the attendance of the employee and can see how many employee’s are present or absent. Also admin can allow Time off, send message, send email to each employee. In this blog, we will discuss about the Odoo13 Employee Presence Control.



Odoo 13 Employee Presence Contro

Activate the Advance Presence Control option and go to Menu->Employees->



This window shows the Total employees and they have a colour mark on the top right side :

  • Red dot – Absent
  • Yellow dot – To define
  • Green dot – Present

Go to Reporting->Employee Presence->


employee presence

We can see three columns and some employees under that columns Absent, Present, To Define.

If a employee is came we can change the status of that employee from To Define to Present by clicking the Present Button or dragging that employee into Present column.

employee presence

To allow Time off for an employee :

Time off->

employee time off

Enter the type of the Time off, date and description then Save->.


Go to previous form Employee’s Presence Define->

Odoo13 Employee Presence Control

Here we can see the employee changes to Absent column. In this we can also send SMS and Email to the employee if he not came and didn’t request for the leave by SMS-> and Mail-> buttons.



Odoo13 Employee Presence Control SMS

Send SMS-> to send the text message.




Odoo13 Employee Presence Control mail

Log-> to send the mail.

We can also define Employee presence based on :

  • Attendance
  • IP Address
  • Number of Emails send

To activate this features go to Employee->Configuration->Settings->

Odoo13 Employee Presence Control settings

We can activate these features for our needs.


Odoo13 Employee Presence Control settings

We can gave the Minimum number of emails to send option for Employee Presence control. Also we can set the specific IP for presence control.

We hope this blog help you to understand about Odoo13 Employee Presence Control.



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