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Odoo 13 Ecommerce - Buy Now Button


ajay krishnaNov. 29, 2019

Buy Now button is a feature in Odoo 13 Ecommerce to buy a product directly by skipping the My cart page. Buyers can click on the Odoo 13 Buy Now button which takes the product directly to the shopping page for checkout and confirmation.It keeps existing cart product also.

First go to the Website’s shop page. By clicking :


Buy now button in Odoo 13 Ecommerce


Select a product to open the product’s details page.


We can see there is no Buy Now button for this product on the page to buy that product in single step. There is only one way to buy that product, that is click the Add to Cart-> button.


Adding Buy Now Button

We can add the Buy Now button in this page by customize option by clicking,

Customize-> Here we can see many options for customization.


website_shop_product _Customize

We can see the Buy Now Button option in the Customize menu. Enable the Buy Now Button by clicking on it.


If the Buy Now button is activated then we can see the Buy Now button on the right side of Add to Cart-> button.

Click the Buy Now-> button,then a new window will appear to buy that product in single step.

Pay now in Odoo 13 Ecommerce Buy Button

By clicking Pay Now-> we can buy this product in Wire Transfer. By this new feature,we can buy a product in simple and single step. The Buy Now button feature is really helpful for the customers.


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