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Odoo 13 Database Securing using Password

Odoo 13 Database Securing

Anjali AjithJune 3, 2020

In Odoo, databases can be secure by using setting a master password. One can do this from the login platform itself. All database operations will then require the authentication by the master password. Hence, confidential data in the databases can be secure in this way. In this blog we will discuss about Database Securing in Odoo 13.

Click on Manage Databases.

manage database

On clicking you will be able to see the option to Set Master Password.

So, click on Set Master Password.

Set Master Password

Odoo 13 Database Security


Operations on Database

  • Delete Database

On trying to delete the database, you will need to enter the master password.

delete database

  • Back Up Database

Back Up Database

  • Duplicate Database

Odoo 13 Database Security

  • Create Database

Odoo 13 Database Security

So, we hope the blog help in attaining more understanding on database security in Odoo 13. And if you enjoy our content here, you’ll love the stuff we share on LinkedIn.


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