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Odoo 12 Rounding Precision in UoM

Rounding Precision

Anjali AjithJuly 29, 2020

In Odoo 12, to use the units of measure we need to enable the Units of measure checkbox in inventory module. In this blog we will discuss about Odoo 12 rounding precision in UoM.

Go to Inventory -->Configuration-->Settings --> Products-->Units of measure.

Rounding Precision UoM in Odoo12

Now you will be able to see two new options in the configuration settings either :

UoM and UoM categories.

UoM And UoM Category

The UoM Categories show case the basic units of measures and UoM shows the new derived measures from UoM categories.

In UoM there are 3 types of measures:

  1. Reference Unit of Measure for this category.
  2. Bigger than the reference Unit of Measure
  3. Smaller than the reference Unit of Measure.

While dealing with the measures, make sure that all the units of measure used for a product are in the same units of measure category. Odoo has the capability to handle various types of measures.

Lets see how this units of measure really does help.

Suppose we are purchasing eggs. Eggs is measured as per units.But on bulk purchases it is better to have a bigger unit of measure, right ?

So we can use some measure like Tray. We set 1 tray = 30 eggs,such as 1 dozen = 12 eggs, that is if we increase the purchase quantity we only have to deal with small numbers.But on retailing customers buy only in small scale so need only unit or dozen measure.

Rounding Precision

The Rounding Precision in Odoo indicates how amounts are rounded after the conversion.Odoo uses rounding precision automatically for inter unit transfer. A value of 1 gives rounding to the level of one unit, 0.01 gives rounding of one-hundredth.

The “rounding precision” in the Unit of measure(UoM) defined only allows up to 3 digits after the decimal point (0.000).So, Unit of measure indicates the measure sales units and the purchase unit of measure indicates the unit of measure while purchasing an item.

Consider a Purchase.Create a RFQ with quantity as shown. We have already created a unit kg with rounding precision as 0.100 as shown below.

Rounding Precision UoM in Odoo12

Note the type and rounding precision in the highlighted area. Also note that one can create a unit smaller than the parent unit. In this case it is weight.

Coming back to our RFQ, we have given the quantity as 4.256 kg. It will be converted.

While validating the request. Go to Purchase -->RFQ --> Create to create a RFQ.

Rounding Precision UoM in Odoo12

See the difference after the rounding.

Rounding Precision UoM in Odoo12

Consider a sales, create a quotation.

Sales -->Orders --> Quotation

Rounding Precision UoM in Odoo12

Now we can see that the quantity has rounded as per the measure we had given.

quantity rounded


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