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Odoo 12 POS Price Control

POS Price Control

Anjali AjithJuly 22, 2020

Odoo 12 covers a package of business suite including POS. Point of Sale has become a more come thing because of its reliability and simple UI interface designs. Price control in POS is nothing but users with certain access rights that of manager can control or modify the prices on the orders. Here, in this blog we will examine on Odoo12 POS Price Control.

In order to enable the option one need to go to :

In Point of Sale module, Configuration --> point of sale--> Price control.

Price control in Odoo 12 POS

Now set the user rights as given below. Only managerial level users can change the price on the order. Given below is a demo user with a non managerial application rights.

user rights

After that,go to POS and start a new session. Select some items and then continue to bill. However,you cannot edit the price on orders as the Price button is disabled.


In conclusion,we hope that the blog helps in understanding on Odoo12 POS Price Control.


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