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Odoo 12 Payslip

Odoo 12 Payslip

ajay krishnaJune 17, 2020

A Payslip is a slip issue by an employer to employee at the end of each month which defines how much money the employee has earned and how much tax has been taken off. In Odoo 12 we can generate a payslip for employee in a contract and hence the payslip will calculate according to the selected salary structure in the contract. In payslip generation we can select an employee,contract and a salary structure for generating payslip and define a period between beginning date of pay period and last date of pay period. Also we can print the Payslip as pdf file.

First we want to install Payroll app to enable the Payslip feature.


Odoo 12 Payslip -apps_payroll


After complete installation go to Employees->Contract-> menu.

Odoo 12 Payslip-employees_contracts

Here we can see that some contracts are already created for some employees. Click Create-> to create a new contract for our employee.

Odoo 12 Payslip-employees_contract_new contract

Enter the details:

  • Contract Reference
  • Employee (select the employee)
  • Salary structure (select the structure of salary)
  • Fill the Contract Terms

Then go to the Salary Information-> menu.


Odoo 12 Payslip-Salary Information menu

Enter the monthly salary and Save-> the contract.


Then go to the employee payslips menu in the Payroll.

Payroll->Employee Payslips->


Select the Create-> button to create a new Payslip.



Enter the details:

  • Select the employee.
  • Select the contract created for the employee.

Save-> the form and click Compute Sheet-> and Confirm->


In the refreshed window we can see that 10 Payslips are created for this employee. To download this payslip as pdf file, Print->Payslip->


Open the file.

Payslip_pdf file

In this pdf contains Employee details, 10 payslips and that is automatically computed and we can see the Net salary of the employee at last also.


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