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Odoo 11 Vs Odoo 13 Comparison


Neenu RobinDec. 16, 2019

In October 2019, Odoo released the latest version Odoo 13. In this blog we will see the comparison between Odoo 11 and Odoo 13. So, lets see which version is more feature rich, Odoo11 or Odoo13.


Sales Management

Odoo 13 comes with a much better User Interface for all modules. Sales modules have a configuration progress bar and comes with attractive colors.

  • UI of Sales Module in Odoo 13

UI of Sales Module in Odoo


  • Import and Export all button

In Odoo13, sale module have a import and Export all button available.

Import and Export all button in Odoo

  • Customer Preview

Odoo 13 provides a preview of the quotation. Here we have the option to send and then print the quotation.

Customer Preview in Odoo

Print Customer Preview in Odoo 13


  • Add Section and Note in Quotation

In Odoo13, we can add sections and notes before or after adding a product. Odoo 11 only had the option to add product.

-Add Section and Note in Quotation in Odoo 13

  • Optional Product

Odoo 13, there is an optional products tab which shows the optional products, for the products in the quotation.

Optional Products tab in Odoo


  • Share and Payment Link

Odoo 13, provides a link for sharing the document and for payments.

Share and Payment Link in Sale Oder in Odoo


Payment link in Odoo


Share Document link in Odoo


  • Sales Reporting

An odoo implementation company in Australia

Odoo13, provides only sales report. But Odoo11 provides sales channels reports along with sales report.

Sales reporting options in Odoo


  • Quotation templates

In sales module we can create quotation templates for products having good demand, which eradicates the time taken for creating quotation for the product each time.

Quotation Templates in Odoo Vs Odoo13


  • Product Configurator

Odoo 13 introduces a new feature called product configurator. This feature allows to select optional products and attributes from sale order.

Product configurator in Odoo 11 Vs Odoo 13


→Purchase Management

Odoo 13 Purchase Management comes with the following features :

  •  Variant grid entry

This feature in Odoo 13, allows to select the product variants in purchase order.

Variant grid entry in Purchase management in Odoo13

  • Share Document

Like sales module in Odoo 13, purchase module also have the option to share the reports.

Share documents in PurchasShare documents in Purchase management in Odoo 11 Vs Odoo 13

Almost all features in Odoo 11 purchase module is included in Odoo13. For purchase module Odoo 13, have a much better UI and more advanced features.
Inventory Management

  • Automatic Email / SMS confirmation on Delivery Orders

Odoo 13 adds a new feature, for sending Email/ SMS confirmation on delivery orders.

SMS delivery confirmation for Delivery in Odoo13


When we are validating the delivery orders, there is an option to send mail / SMS.

SMS delivey confirmation in Odoo 13


  • Rules in Configuration

Rules in Odoo wares house configuration in Odoo 13


Odoo 11 Vs Odoo 13 warehouse rules


  • Shipping Cost

Enabling shipping cost feature will helps in adding shipping cost and print shipping labels if connected to any shipping connectors.

Shipping cost in Odoo13


  • Lot / Serial Number in Delivery slip and invoices

This feature in Odoo 13, allows to print Lot/Serial number in Delivery notes and invoices.

Lotserial number in warehouse reports in odoo13


  • Forecasted Inventory Report

Odoo 13 introduces new forecasted inventory report in Odoo 13.

Inventory forecast report in odoo13


  • Changes in inventory adjustments

Odoo 13, simplifies the view of inventory adjustment. Avoided some fields in inventory adjustment as compared to inventory adjustment in Odoo 11.

Inventory adjustment report in Odoo 11 Vs Odoo 13


  • Change in product view

In Odoo 13 the UI of products is much better than odoo 11. The smart buttons in the right of the product in Odoo 11 is shifted to top of products page in Odoo 13.

Change in product view in Odoo 11 Vs Odoo13


Invoicing Management

Invoicing Management in Odoo 13 offers the following features :

  • Configuration progress bar

In Odoo 13, there is configuration progress bar, which helps to know the configuration status of accounts in invoicing module.

Configuration progress bar in Odoo 11 Vs Odoo 13


  • Direct configuration of Bank account from configuration page in Odoo 13.


  • Direct Journal Creation

In Odoo 13, journal is directly created on posting of invoice. But in Odoo 11, we need to validate the invoice to create journals. Journal editing is possible.

Journal creation in Odoo 11 Vs Odoo 13


  • Reduced invoice stages as compared to Odoo 13

As compared to Odoo 11, Odoo 13 has less number of stages. Odoo 13, have only two invoice stages - draft, posted.

Reduced invoice stages in Odoo 13


  • Direct cancellation of Journal Entries

Odoo 13, allows direct cancellation of journal entries. In Odoo 11 we need to install edit journal entries modules to cancel an invoice. But in Odoo 13, cancellation of invoice directly cancel the journal entry created.

Journal cancellation in Odoo 11 Vs Odoo13


  • Shortcut in Chart of Accounts

In Odoo 13, there is a shortcut in chart of account using the starting number of COA code, which help us to get the COA easily we are looking for.

Odoo 13 Shortcuts in COA


  • Invoice online payment options

This features helps customers to pay invoices online.

Invoice online payments in Odoo13


  • Receipts and payments for both customers and vendors in Odoo 13

  • Accounting Reports in Odoo 11

Odoo 11 provides all accounting reports in pdf format. But in Odoo 13, only invoices report is available.

Accounting reports in Odoo 11 Vs Odoo 13


  • Easy Reconciliation and Export all options in Odoo 13

Export all and easy reconciliation in Odoo 1



Main difference in manufacturing module as compared to Odoo 13, as compared to Odoo 11 is the introduction of new BOM type called called Subcontracting. This features helps to subcontract a part of work to third party.

Point of Sale

Odoo 13, lot of new features are introduced in POS as compared to Odoo 11.

  • Login with employee

In Odoo 13 enabling this feature allow multiple cashiers in POS session.

Login with employees in Odoo POS


Employee or cashier login page in Odoo 13


Cashier selecting option in Odoo 13


Cashier in POS UI in Odoo 13


  • Restrict POS category feature

This feature restricts the use of certain categories in Odoo13 POS session.

Restrict product category feature in Odoo 13


  • IoT Box feature

This feature in Odoo 13, helps to connect POS through an IoT Box.

  • Connected Devices

After enabling this feature we can use Epson ePOS Printers without the IoT Box in the Point of Sale.

iot and connected devices in Odoo 13


  • Tips in Odoo 13

This feature in Odoo 13, helps to accept customer tips or convert change to tips.

Tips in Odoo 13- POS

For an example, Create a POS order and proceed to payment. There is an option to select Tip.

Tips in Odoo 13 POS


Tips adding


POS bill


  • Improved POS receipt structure

Odoo 13 provides better receipt structure POS as compared to Odoo 11.


HR and Payroll

A major change comes with the release of Odoo 13, is the removal of payroll from HR module. But Odoo 11 provides full payroll features which helps to calculate employee salary. Removal of this feature is a major drawback in Odoo 13.


Payroll in Odoo 11

Some advantages in Odoo 13, is the addition of some new features in HR module.
Some of them are :

  • Employee skill management

This feature helps to add employee skills.

skill management module


Skills in employee details

  •  Employee presence detection

In Odoo 11 and in other previous versions of Odoo, employee presence can only be detected based on Attendance. But in Odoo 13, employee presence can be detected based on many features like emails, activities etc.

automatic employee presence detection

  • Time Off

The leaves in Odoo 11, is renamed to time off with much better user interface.

  • Badge

Provision of adding employee badge and printing is available in Odoo 13.

 badge id


 badge print

After comparing the most important modules of Odoo-versions Odoo11 and Odoo13 required to build an ERP system, I can find that with the release of each versions Odoo is increasing its features and its outlook. But they are migrating some of the major modules and reports to their enterprise versions which makes it difficult for companies using Odoo community version. Odoo 11 can still be recommended as strong ERP system for Small or Medium level enterprises.


In short, we hope this blog gave you a detailed feature of Odoo11 and Odoo13.