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Odoo 11 Views

Odoo 11 Views

Anjali AjithSept. 27, 2020

Odoo is widely used as all purpose business solution provider for CRM, Website,e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse - and project management, inventory, human resources and enterprises. Odoo 11 views help to filter the searches and see the results in a way that we are intended to. There different types of views available with Odoo, such as Search view, Kanban View, Tree View, Pivot View etc. Search View in Odoo provides easiness in finding the correct search results based on what we are typing in the search box, where as Tree View show up all data in the form of list. There is also provision for analyzing the data by mere visualization of bar, line charts and pie charts.
In this blog we are going to discuss about these types of views in Odoo 11 further.


Search view

A search view in Odoo 11 defines the search option hat will be available in the views.
When opening your list view, you'll notice the search field to the upper-right. If you type something there, you will be getting suggestions about what you are searching for, and there are also a set of predefined filters to choose from.

Following are the methods in Odoo for using the Search View.

  • Define the ‘ fields ’ to be search when a user types in the search box.
  • Set Predefined Filters.
  • Data Grouping options.

Odoo 11 search view

The image shown above shows the search option, in which searched for Jackson.

Also one can search for results based on not only names, but also by domains as filters or Group-by option. Both of them are shown below.

Odoo 11 search view - Groupby

Odoo 11 search view - Filters

You an also use add custom filters, to add customized filters in Odoo apart from already existing ones.


Tree view(list view)

In Odoo, Tree View also is known as List View shows multiple records in the form of a list (rows and columns). Each row represents a record of the database table.
By default we are getting list view of the records in Odoo.We can create a hierarchy in searching by grouping over grouping the records.

odoo 11 search Tree view

Hierarchical Tree view in Odoo can be achieved as above. The records had been grouped by Customer>Company>Sales person>Order Month.


Kanban View

In Odoo 11 next to Tree View is the Kanban View.Kanban View is more likely a Grid View but has all details displayed as like that of Tree view.
The image displayed below is in Kanban View.

Odoo 11 search kanban view

Searching by Filters and Group by clause are also applicable in this case.

Calendar View

Calendar View in Odoo is basically used to know the to do lists or appointments etc on a specific day or period.

The image shows the events happening on a particular week.

calendar week details

You can change the view order by Month to see the details of events in all over a month.

calendar monthly details


Pivot View

The idea behind the pivot view in Odoo is that when each time a user changes the row or column of a table the table will change accordingly by sending appropriate query requests, because of this property Pivot view is called Dynamic Analysis Matrix. In Odoo Pivot view can change with dynamic changes made by the user. This is a highlight when a user need to see or analyze a specific thing.

Below given is a default Pivot View.

default Pivot View

We can see the change in table when we make a change in Measures tab. Also change can be made to row and columns by clicking on the “+” and “-” tabs.

pivot view

Graph view

In Odoo, Graphics are a common method to visually illustrate relationships in the data. There are bar charts, pie charts and line charts for the visual analyzing of the data in Odoo. The default type of the graph is a pie chart - to change it to a bar chart. We need to specify the type. You also may change the orientation. The first field is the X-axis. The second one is the Y-axis and the optional third one is the Z axis for 3-dimensional graphs.

The image given below depicts the bar chart.

Odoo 11 search graph view - bar chart

On clicking to the tab next to the bar chart, is the line chart.

Odoo 11 search graph view - line chart

The image shown is the pie chart. You can also see the changes by changing the Measures tab.

Odoo 11 search graph view - pie chart

Note that:

You can set the frequently searched as Favorites, so that there is no of retyping. Click on Favorites -->Save current search to set Favorites.

Odoo 11 search view - favorites

We hope this blog help you to understand about the Views in Odoo 11.



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