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Odoo 11 Product Variants

Odoo 11 Product Variants

Anjali AjithMarch 29, 2020

Odoo 11 Product variants have unique identifiers, such as price, and every variant is based on the same product definition. Product variants enables you to give different options for the same product. Product variants are for managing products having different variations, like size, color, etc. It allows managing the product at the template level (for all variations) and at the variant level (specific attributes). For example, if you are buying a smart phone there will be many variants of the same phone depending up on memory,camera,connectivity etc. In this blog we discuss about how to manage Odoo 11 Product Variants.

In Odoo Product Variants an be activated by following the path :

Sales -->Settings -->Attributes and Variants

odoo 11products variants activate

Up on selecting Attributes and Variants, and saving the selection, you can see Product variants tab on the left side.

Click on the Product variants tab and then select a product to see more variants of a product from the list appears.

Following marked are variants of ipad Retina Display and Ipod.

Odoo 11 product variants

You can see the variants of the ipad retina display from the figure above.

On moving to Notes tab, there will be descriptions for the product on various levels of needs. A Manager/Admin can update the description accordingly.

Odoo 11 product variants description

You create variants by following path :

Sales --> Products --> Variants -->Add item

Create product variant

After adding variant attributes a change reflects, and it will look like this :

Adding variant attributes

We can see the number of variants of iPad Retina Display has changed from 3 to 8, after adding Camera as an attribute with values.


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