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Odoo 11 Organizational Chart

Odoo 11 Organizational Chart

ajay krishnaJan. 27, 2020

An Organizational Chart in Odoo 11 is a graphical description of the roles and structure within an organization. The charts also diagram the relationship between those roles and they are a simple way to visualize how work flows within a business. Moreover, Organization charts are effective, transparent and they communicate a lot about an organization in just a single glance.

This module is compatible to Odoo 10 Community and Enterprise Editions. An organization chart makes it easier for people to understand large amount of information as a visual picture rather than as a table of name and numbers. In this blog we discuss about the Organizational Chart  in detail.


Install the app Apps->Employee Directory->

Install Employee Directory App

Then, Open the installed app and go to the settings :


Go to Settings in Odoo Organizational App

Put tick mark on Show Organizational Chart and then click Save->.

Then go to Employees-> and open any employee’s details.

Install Employee Directory

The Organization Chart is shown in the right side of the employee details.

Odoo Organizational Chart

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