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Odoo 11 Drop Shipping

Odoo 11 Drop Shipping

Anjali AjithMarch 5, 2020

Drop Shipping in Odoo 11

Drop Shipping is a method in which the vendor does not keep products in stock but instead transfers the products directly from the supplier to the customer. In this blog we discuss in detail the Odoo 11 Drop Shipping.

Configure Drop Shipping

In Odoo 11 to enable drop shipping feature you must go to :

Sales -->Configuration -->Settings

Then tick the check box against Drop shipping.

Drop shiping in Odoo 11

Now you will able to see a checkbox option of drop shipping for products. You also need to define to which vendor you will buy the product. Now, each time this product will be sold, it will be drop shipped.

Drop shipping checkbox option

Now this product will be available via drop shipping. If you need to have specific routes rather this, you can do so by following the path :

Sales --> Configuration -->Settings

Tick the checkbox against Order -Specific routes.

order specific routes in Odoo 11 drop shipping

Lets illustrate this workflow,

Create a quotation Sales --> Orders -->Quotation. Save and Confirm the order.

Confirm order

Now on confirming the order, a RFQ will be create in the purchase by Odoo.

Odoo 11 drop shipping RFQ

Click on the RFQ created and Confirm the Order. Then hit on the Receive product.

Odoo 11 Drop shipping Receive product

Up on, a receipt will be generate. Then Click on the Create Bill to create a bill for the trade.

Provide the name of the vendor to create the bill.

Odoo 11 Drop Shipping Vendor bill

Click on the Register Payment button in the window opens. Complete the payment by selecting the appropriate payment journal and hit Validate to confirm the payment.

Odoo register payment

Now again we can check whether the product has been delivered to the customer by Sales --> Orders -->Quotation

Odoo 11 quotation

We can see the delivery through the Drop shipping in the area highlighted above.

Upon clicking the Delivery tab, you can see the delivery partner, operation type and destination location.

delivery details in Odoo 11 drop shipping

We hope this blog help in understanding the Odoo 11 Drop shipping.

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