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Odoo 11 and Odoo 12 Community Differences


HibaJan. 4, 2019


Odoo version12 not only comes with usability updates and new features but also comes with brand new modules.

Here highlighting some of the difference between Odoo 11 vs Odoo 12

  • Odoo  12 comes with a better user interface than v11
  • Odoo 12 introduced new modules such as document management to share documents among your team and IoT(Internet of things) to manage your IoT devices. 

Let us check new features in Odoo 12 as compared to Odoo 11  

1 - Invoicing

As we discussed major changes comes to the accounting module.

New configuration progress bar with the better user interface and better colors and from here you can directly create a new bank account rather than going to settings first. Also during Create a bank account Odoo gives an option to create a new journal or link to an existing journal.

Create New Journal for bank account in Odoo

Checking Account

  • Also, you can import a vendor bill directly from the dashboard.

 import a vendor bill directly from the dashboard

import vendor bill

  • You can see the preview by clicking the Preview button.

Preview the vendor bill

  • Bank reconciliation threshold

Bank recincilation threshold


2- Sales

  • Sales module in Odoo 12 also comes with configuration progress bar and better user interface and colors.
  • It has the ability to add the signature.

Sales module adding the signature

quotation preview in difference between Odoo11 and Odoo12

Validate the order in difference between Odoo11 and Odoo12

  • Ability to add notes in sales order lines.

add notes in sales order lines

3 – Product Form

  • Odoo 12 also made some changes in product form. You can see an extra button Replenish near the update qty on hand and also have the option to print product label and product barcode. The Odoo 11 only have the option to print product label.

changes in product form

4-  Users form

New field in user form to identify whether the user is internal user or external user.

New field in user form

4 – Contact

  • contacts module has a new credit card button to create credit cards.

new credit card button

  • Under the sale& purchase tab, you can select the payment terms for sales and  


payment terms for sales and   purchase.

  • Under-invoicing tab, you can directly add a bank account.

Option for directly add a bank account

  • Odoo 11 has the option to print due payments, but Odoo 12 did not have that feature.

option to print due payments in Odoo 11

5 – CRM

  • Odoo v12 has seperate menu Lead.

seperate menu Lead in Odoo 12

  • In Reporting, Odoo v12 has an extra feature Time Ranges

extra feature Time Ranges in Odoo v 12

  • In Configuration >>> Settings, if enable Website to lead generaton, it will convert visitors of your website into leads in the CRM.

Website lead generaton

6 – Website

  • The latest version of odoo comes with a multi-website support, a feature that many companies looking for. It is hugely useful for e-commerce since it allows companies to have 2+ webstores connected to their single ERP system.
  • Multi-website support allows configuration of as many websites as desired, also we can set a different theme for each website.

different theme

7 – Manufacturing


  • By clicking structures&coast,  you can enter the quantity in the Quantity field and can print any of the three report.

Set structures&coast

8- Project Management

  • Ability to share the project

share the project

share project

9-  Expense

  • Ability to attach documents directely

 attach documents

10- IoT(Internet of Things)

Odoo 12 also comes with new IoT module to help your business and manage your IoT devices. It has the ability to manage IoT boxes inside Odoo.


11 - General Settings

  • Activate the developer mode.

Activate the developer mode.

  • Click on the super user

super user

  • Also, have the ability to manage messages and attachments directly from the form by activating the developer mode.

activating the developer mode

Hope you understood the difference between Odoo 11 and Odoo 12 and decide that which is better. Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified software development company and ERP implementation partner which provides the applications suits to empower organizations to increase business performance at all levels. We started our journey in 2016 with 7+ years of experienced professionals, Technaureus is now in the front-line sof Odoo ERP service providers in Kerala. We have experienced team of both functional and technical people focuses on Odoo ERP implementation, Odoo customization,Odoo migration, and Odoo training in all the Odoo versions.

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