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Multi-Currency In Odoo


Muhammed NizarudheenDec. 13, 2019

Odoo provides features that support multi-currencies. Any company that does international trade receive payments in different currencies. . Odoo is a universal ERP package which accommodates the global as well as most of the domestic standards. This can be handled by enabling multi-currency in Odoo. This function allows you to sent quotes, invoice, purchase order, receive payments and many more in other currency than the company currency.

Now let's see how to enabling multi-currency

Go to Invoicing module >Configuration  >settings >currencies enable multi-currencies. Then click on the save button

enable multi-currency in Odoo

How to activate the required currencies

If we enable multi-currency, we will be able to see >activate other currencies. Click on this option.

Activating the required currencies

Now, you can see a new window with a list of currencies. Thus, you can activate the required currency from the list.

Activating the required currency from the list of curencies

Now go to invoicing module >Configuration  >Accounting >currencies.

Here we can do two things.

1. Firstly, we can create a new required currency by clicking on the >Create button.
2. we can edit the value of any currency in the list by clicking on the currency row on the list.
 create a new required currency and edit the existing currency

You can change the rate of the currency manually by clicking on the >Rates. Ensure that the currency is active.

Changing the rate of the currency for Multi-currency in Odoo

Manual setting of the currency rate.

Manual setting of the currency rate

In the enterprise version of Odoo. >Automatic currency rates, which updates the currency rates automatically.

Enable the option of Automatic currency rates

Above all, in such a way the multi-currency in Odoo functions easily.

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