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Mass Mailing in Odoo 11

Mass Mailing in Odoo 11

ajay krishnaFeb. 27, 2020

Mass Mailing in odoo is the act of sending the same email message to a large number of people at the same time. Odoo using Email Marketing for sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. Moreover, Mass mailing in odoo can be used by different people in an organization such as sales team to reach out to clients , by marketing teams to promote different campaigns and by HR to send different recruitment forms.

Advantages Of Mass Mailing In Odoo

  • Low costs

  • Reach an already engaged audience

  • Easy to get started

  • Time saving

          To Install:

         In Mass Mailing in odoo is done by using Email Marketing module.


Apps->Email Marketing->

mass mailing

   Click Install->

   After installation go to

  Menu->Email Marketing->Mailing->Mass Mailing

 This is the main window of Mass mailing.

 Before creating a new mass mail, create Contacts and Mailing Lists.



Create contacts by click,


And fill the details like:

  • Name

  • Tag(Employee,Buyer,Distributor or any other)

  • Email,etc

  • Mailing List

     Click Add an item-> to select mailing list.

Can select the mailing list that has already created by clicking Select->

   or click to Create->create a new mailing list.

   Mailing List:

   It specify that which type of mail can sent to this contact. We can create Mailing List for our needs by,



  Click Save & Close->

Mass Mailing in odoo

Click Save->

In addition,Contact and corresponding Mailing List are saved.Similarly,  Mailing List can be created in other ways also,

Menu->Contacts->Mailing List->Create

Mass Mailing in odoo

  And Save-> that. Further,go back to the Mass mailing menu and Create a new mail,

  Menu->Mass Mailing->

Mass Mailing in odoo

  It will open a new window,

Mass Mailing in odoo


  Enter the Subject and add the Mailing List.

 It contains templates and we can modify it for our needs by dragging styles from the left menu. After that,

  Save-> the mail and click Send to All->

  The status of the mail is shown in ,

         Mass mailings->

Odoo comes with new ideas day to day to get more access in a simple way.So that the Mass Mailing is one of this kind which make easy reach.Configure the mail it with quick and make the way easy .As  a Best Odoo ERP Service Provider and Implementation Partner we have created many mailing programs with odoo.


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