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Manufacturing Odoo 11 Vs Odoo 12


Arunima PFeb. 20, 2019

Odoo Manufacturing ERP helps manufacturers particularly those that work within an alternate mode (process, discrete, etc.) environment-structure, manufacture, and distribute products in an auspicious manner, use suitable procedures that improve resources, tools material, devices and so on and fulfill the expectations regarding quality and conveyance.  It can be configured to meet the needs of any type of manufacturing industry making it the best ERP software for manufacturing. Odoo producing manufacturing ERP is a standout amongst the best ERP software for the manufacturing industry. It is exceptionally customizable. It tends to be designed to address the issues of a manufacturing industry making it the best ERP software for manufacturing. The following paragraphs explain the manufacturing in Odoo 12 and Odoo 11.

⦁ Structure & Cost report

In the form of Bill of Materials added a new smart button for printing Structure and Cost together or separately.

adding a new smart button for Structure and cost report seperately

adding a new smart button for Structure and cost report together

⦁ Manufactured Quantity

V12 shows no. of quantity manufactured in product form.

Number of quantity manufactured in product form

When you click this ‘Manufactured’ button, it will show the analysis report of the manufacturing order.

analysis report of manufacturing order

  • Product Variants

    Added ‘Product Variants’ menu in master data.

Added ‘Product Variants’ menu

⦁ Manufacturing Orders Filter

In the product, form add a new filter ‘Manufacturing Orders’

add a new filter ‘Manufacturing Orders

⦁ Routing

Routing is visible only if BoM Type is ‘Manufacture this product’

⦁ Work Centers

‘Work Center Name’ and ‘Working Hours’ is a required field in V12.

Give the Work Center Name’ and ‘Working Hours’

⦁ Costing Information

Add a new field ‘Costing Information’ in work center form.

Add a new field Costing Information

⦁ Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Add “Manufacturing Oder” and “Work Order” to Overall Equipment Effectiveness form.

Edit Overall Equipment Effectiveness form

⦁ Remove Date filter

Remove date filter from the filter of “Overall Equipment Effectiveness”. In Odoo V11:

Remove Date filter

In Odoo V12:

 Remove date filter In Odoo V12

Also, remove ‘Date’ and ‘TPM Big loss’ from the Group by in this view.
In Odoo 11:

remove ‘Date’ and TPM Big loss

In Odoo 12:

In Odoo 12

11. Remove Resource Leaves
In Odoo V11:

 Remove Resource Leaves in Odoo v11

In Odoo V12:

 Remove Resource Leaves in Odoo v12


⦁ Can’t delete Unbuild Orders

You can’t delete unbuild order if the state is ‘Done’.

⦁ Can’t delete Unbuild Orders

⦁ Traceability Report

Access Traceability Report from the manufacturing order.

Access Tracebality Report from the manufacturing order in odoo manufacturing erp

Second tracebality Report in Odoo Manufacturing ERP

⦁ Remove Work Order Messages

In Odoo V11:

Remove Work Order Messages In Odoo V11 Manufacturing ERP

In Odoo V12:

Remove Work Order Messages In Odoo V12 Manufacturing ERP

⦁ Steps in the Manufacturing Order

Go to :
Inventory > Configuration > Warehouses Management > Warehouses
Select the warehouse

Select the warehouse in Odoo Manufacturing ERP

⦁ Picking in Manufacturing Order

If you set manufacture as 2 steps or 3 steps in warehouse configuration, then you can see a new picking button in manufacturing order.

Picking in Manufacturing Order in Odoo Manufacturing ERP

By clicking in this button you can validate your picking.

validate the picking in Odoo Manufacturing ERP

Also can access Traceability Report from here.

Traceability Report in Odoo Manufacturing ERP

⦁ Manual Replenishment

Replenish a consumed material.

Manual Replenishment

Here the product Table Leg is not available in the stock. So you can replenish this product from the product form.

replenish this product from the product form for Odoo Manufacturing ERP

Make sure that product type is Storable Product, have a vendor, can be purchased and also set Routes as Buy.
Then click on “Replenish” button.

make sure the product can be stored in Odoo Manufacturing ERP

Fill the fields and click ‘Confirm’ button.
Request for purchase will be created in the purchase. Then confirm the order and then validate.T hen product will be available in your stock.

confirm order and then validate in Odoo Manufacturing ERP

ii. Create a manufacturing order by Replenishment.
Make sure that Routes as Manufacture and then set bill of material for the product.

Then click on “Replenish” button on product form.

click on Replenish

After click on the confirm button, a manufacturing order will be created.

manufacturing order creation for Odoo Manufacturing ERP

⦁ Lot/Serial Numbers

changed the position of lot no for the products in V12

Lots or serial numbers in Odoo Manufacturing ERP

Hope you understood the difference in the manufacturing of Odoo 11 and Odoo 12 in Odoo Manufacturing ERP..