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Manufacturing in Odoo 12


Arunima PFeb. 18, 2019

Manufacturing industries are simply industries which manufacture products from raw materials by the use of manual labor or machinery. The labor agenda of these industries is always to increase productivity while keeping quality and cost sustained.
Manufacturing in Odoo 12 helps to manage a variety of task for Manufacturing Business effectively and efficiently. Moreover, this allows you with complete integration of your Manufacturing process including Planning, Scheduling, Process Management, Procurement of Materials, management of your BOM’s as well as other areas of your business. An organization may assign different level users to overlook the entire manufacturing procedure for the effective management of business processes.

Install the Manufacturing module

From the Odoo Apps on your Odoo ERP, install Manufacturing module.

Install Manufacturing module

Create a Manufacturing Order
Go to your Manufacturing module and then
Operations > Manufacturing Orders >Create
Create a Manufacturing Order

Here you can see only the product which has at least one ‘Bill of Material’.

  • Select product from the list.
  • Set Quantity to produce and another field.
  • Bill of Material will automatically load or you can select box of corresponding product.
  • When you click on the save button Consumed Material tab will display the material consumed for the production
  • To see the availability of raw materials in inventory click on “Check availability”

Manage Manufacturing Order for Manufacturing in Odoo 12

There are two ways to manage manufacturing orders.
⦁ Manufacturing without routing
Firstly, manage work with one document only. This document is the manufacturing order.
Here, all the work to produce your product is performed in one place, by one person, in one step.

  • Click on “Produce” button.
  • Click “Record Production” button.
  • Then check the Finished Products tab.
  • Click “Post to Inventory” button.
  • Click on Inventory Moves smart button to check inventory moves by

Check inventory moves

⦁ Inventory moves will be created.

 Inventory moves

⦁ Click “Mark as Done” button. It will be updated On Hand quantity of your product.

2. Manufacturing with routing and work orders
You will need to enable the option Manage production by work orders from
Settings > Users Companies > Users >Technical Settings

Manufacturing with routings and work orders

Create routing
Master Data > RoutingCreate routing

You will also be able to create work centres, the locations at which work orders are performed. Work centres are the place in which the processes are done.
Master Data > Work Centers >Create

⦁ Then you can set Routing in your Bill of Materials
Master Data > Bill of Material
Set BoM Type as ‘Manufacture this product’.
Then you can route for your Bill of material.

create work centers

When you select the BoM on the Manufacturing Order form, the corresponding Routing mechanism will automatically be loaded.

Routing mchanism automatic loading

⦁ Click on the “Create Work orders” button, then work orders will be created for the manufacturing order in Manufacturing in Odoo 12.

workorders created for the manufacturing order.

⦁ Then Click “Work Orders” smart button.

Click on “Work Orders” smart button in Odoo 12 manufacturing

  • In order to complete the production select the task one by one and complete it.

completing the production in Odoo 12 Manufacturing

  • when you start work click on “Start Working” button
  • Option to Pause or Block your work.
  • when you complete click on Done button
  • For checking your time duration of work, check Time Tracking tab

Working starts of Manufacturing in Odoo 12

  • Then go to your manufacturing order.
  • Click “Post to Inventory” button.
  • Check the inventory moves by click on ‘Inventory Moves’ smart button.
  • Next click on “Mark as Done” button.

manufacturing order in Odoo 12

You can see a new smart button ‘Tracabilitly Report’.


You can create a scrap entry from
Operations > Scrap > Create
Or you can make a quickly by clicking on the Scrap button available on almost all forms of manufacturing in Odoo 12.
creating scrap entry for Manufacturing in Odoo 12

⦁ Then click on the “validate” button. And then it will add to your inventory.

Unbuild Orders

Here rebuild the products into its bill of materials.
Operations > Unbuild Orders > Create
⦁ Select an MO if you are unbuilding manufactured product. You cannot unbuild an undone manufacturing order.
⦁ Only select a product if you are unbuilding product you received.

Manufacturing in Odoo 12

⦁  Then click on “Unbuild” button and the process will be over.

If you un-build a product that you manufactured before, then you will get the components from the MO back in stock.
If you un-build a product you bought, then you will get the components from the BoM back in stock.

Work Order

For completing a production, need to complete all the associated processes in work order. Access Work Order directly from
Operations > Work Orders

complete all the associated processes in work order

In the list view, you can see all the work orders listed with their status.

all the work orders listed with status in Odoo 12 Manufacturing

In short, these are the steps to install manufacturing module in Odoo 12. If you enjoy our content here, you’ll ❤️ the stuff we share on LinkedIn.


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