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Lunch Management In Odoo


Sahdiya MammoottyAug. 3, 2019

 Odoo Employee Lunch

Lunch management  is used to manage employees lunch time ordering meals etc. Some times company will provide employees luncheon. In such a cases company need to manage Luncheon time and food. Lunch module in odoo is one of the simplest modules in odoo. Now let us have a look into Lunch Management In Odoo

Why Lunch Management needed in business ?

In a small scale industry lunch management is not that much trouble . but in high scale business industry lunch management is a key factor. Cause managing these things( ordering meals, time schedule, food allowance etc...) for a huge employees are little bit tough. Lunch management introduced in such a case.

In odoo, Lunch module is one of the modules. And here it is used to Manage Lunch by truncating time for management and easiness.

How to use Lunch module in odoo :

●       Trigger lunch modules in odoo app gallery by tapping install button in lunch module.

lunch module installation in odoo

●       Create product list( eg; pizza, burgers, pasta etc….) by tapping  create button.

Lunch products in odoo

●       Make a new order by tapping new order icon from dashboard. If you have a food coupon it will added in “YOUR LUNCH ACCOUNT”

After Receiving meals from vendors net amount will be cut of  from your lunch account. If there is no money in that account, lunch amount will be deducted from you salary.

Here receive meals from vendors accessed only administration users.

Lunch order in odoo

●     Alerts:We can set some alerts to make ordering food are on time.

Lunch module is a module in Odoo Lunch Management. can manage luncheon with easily and make an order food and payment will directly through company accounts.employees salary  will  cutoff  by deducting luncheon amount.sometimes employees have a food coupon from the company in such a case lunch amount will directly cut off from their coupon amount.


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