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Load Translations in Odoo 13

Load Translations in Odoo 13

ajay krishnaApril 27, 2020

In Odoo, language translation is useful for translating text strings from one language to another language. Odoo language translation allows us to translate the text in our desired language without customizing the module. Odoo can use different languages for different users and can also can convert website pages into multiple languages. In this blog we discuss in detail about How to Load Translations in Odoo 13.


Load Translations in Odoo 13 settings developer mode

Activate the Developer Mode->


Load Translations in Odoo 13 activate developer mode

Then select the Manage Languages-> button in the Languages menu.


Load Translations in Odoo 13 manage languages

Click the new language to translate.(Chinese)


Load Translations in Odoo 13

Activate and Translate-> button to activate the language.


load translations

Select website to translate with this language and then click Load-> 


language pack



admin click

Click the admin and go to My Profile->





Change the Language

Change the Language from English to Chinese then click Save->


changes translated

Then we can see the language English translated to Chinese.



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