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IjasAug. 14, 2019

The Kiosk attendance mode is a feature included in the attendance module in odoo. OpenERP Attendance Management allows you with the details of every employee who logged in to the company office. The Staff or employee can also sign in or sign out at the end of the day as this allows you to know how much number of hours an employee is giving you. Further with this you can judge the working capabilities of your employees and this factor sometimes considered as important during appraisals.

Odoo kiosk attendance mode provides the facility for an employee to mark his /her attendance using their badges, pin or mark it manually.It works with supreme accuracy as compared to traditional paper worksheets or manual time tracking. It enables your HR & Accounts team to track and manage employee timings and attendance effectively and accurately. OpenERP attendance management is linked with Human resource management module and further can be integrated with Bio-metrics also. It comes with superb reporting where you can check attendances by month, by week and error reports. These reports are easily customizable as per your organizational requirements.It reduces workload of the HR or Time office department by eliminating recurrent queries.

For using kiosk mode you need to install the application named attendances.

 install the application named attendances

After that select the attendances menu from  the top

attendances menu

At the left of the screen under manage attendances, you can see the option kiosk mode select it.

Then we will get an option to scan employee badge or selecting the employee manually

scan employee badge or selecting the employee manually

First let us see how to select employees manually, for that just click on the button select employee, Then the list of every employee will be shown on the screen.

 select employees manually

From here we can select the employee who is going to check in and then click the check in button on the screen.

employee who is going to check in


For check out the same procedure is followed.

employee who is going to check in

Next let us see how to use this mode with employee badges. So we have to use an equipment scanner to fetch the unique id and id can be set on employees under HR Settings. To set the employee badge id first select employees menu from the top.

set the employee badge id

After selecting it select an employee to which we need to assign badge id. Then go to the HR setting.

HR setting

By entering in the editing mode we can add a badge id and save it.

entering in the editing mode

After that we can click on the print option and select the print badge. Then we will get the employee badge for scanning.

employee badge for scanning

Like assigning badge id to employees we can also assign pin to each employee, for doing that we must first enable the Employee PIN option in the configuration of attendances menu.

assign pin to each employee

Then follow the same procedure that we had done above to assign the badge id . Select the employee and go to the HR settings. There we can see the option PIN where we can give pin codes for the employee.

pin codes for the employee

Then the employee have his/her PIN to check in and check out.

employee pin


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