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Integrating Collaborative Pads With Odoo 11 Notes


Sahdiya MammoottyNov. 8, 2019

How to Integrate Collaborative Pads with Odoo 11 Notes?

Odoo Notes 

Odoo Notes' smart kanban view allows every user to customize their own steps in order to process their to-do lists and notes. Choose the default template or create your own steps/stages of the process. This blogs explains how to integrate collaborative pads with odoo11 notes.

In Odoo v.11 odoo notes features are available under Productivity Module.

collaborative oads-odoo notes


After installing odoo notes, you can create and also organize your work using odoo notes.

Kanban View Of Odoo Notes:



Thereafter, in odoo notes, configure odoo note with stages and tags.



While creating an odoo note, a text editor page will seen.

text-editor-odoo collaborative pads

Simply, Odoo Notes helps you stay organized and also focus on your work with a structured and accessible system. Break down your tasks and projects into actionable work items and achieve your goals more efficiently.


integration of odoo collaborative pads

Odoo is an open source ERP which contains several modules to manage the different organization arenas. We increase the functionality of Odoo by integrating third-party software using rich API library and also the web services.

For integrating collaborative pads with odoo notes need an API key and external pad server URL.

To enable collaborative pad feature, go to general settings :

Settings >> general setting >> collaborative pads.

settings-odoo collaborative pads


By default online “etherpad” is active while enable collaborative pads from general settings.

Here integrating “etherpad” in odoo via integrating with odoo notes.

etherpad(collaborative pad) in odoo notes module :

etherpad-odoo collaborative pads


Simply integrating collaborative pad with odoo notes means access external pad(like etherpad) in odoo notes module.

We hope the blog help to understand integrate collaborative pads with Odoo11 notes.



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