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HR in Odoo 13


Neenu RobinNov. 18, 2019

Odoo 12 Vs Odoo 13 HR Management

The blog explains the Odoo 12 vs Odoo 13 HR management.

Migration of HR payroll to community version

With the release of Odoo 13, there are many major change made in HR module. The major one was the migration of employee payroll to enterprise version. The HR payroll module helps in creating salary structure and payslips. Now, it is no longer available in the present community version. Now let's have a deep look into the Odoo 13 HR management:

HR payroll in odoo 12

Default Organizational Chart

Odoo 13 comes with default organizational structure. In Odoo12 we need to enable the organizational structure feature to get the organizational hierarchy.

organizational chart in odoo 13

Employee Skill Management

Odoo13 comes with the addition of a new feature, that is, Employee skill management. This module helps to add skills to employee details. Once we enable the field ‘skill management ’ under the configuration of Employee, a new page is add on to the Employee details.

skill management module in odoo13 HR

Skill management feature adds page Resume to the employee details. Hence, this page contains detailed information about employee experience, education and also skill level.

Skills in Odoo 13 HR employee deatils

Automatic Employee Presence Detection

It helps to detect employee presence based on activities.

Automatic Employee Presence Detection in Odoo 13 HR

Employee presence can be detected based on different methods. That is, it includes attendance, number of emails sent, IP addresses and user status.

The employee presence under the reporting of Employees will show the employee presence and also their absence.

employee presence and absence

Leaves renamed to Time Off

HR leave module available in Odoo 12 is rename to Time Off in Odoo 13. It is more attractive and also consists of an informative calendar view.


Badge ID

Here, there is also new badge ID field under the HR setting page.

badge id in odoo

Automatic generation of Badge Id is possible. Badge print option was also available.

Badge print in Odoo

In short, the Odoo 13 HR module offers the users with many vibrant functionalities and features. Hence, it helps the users to enhance the features to the best.

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