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How to disable print preview in Google chrome


Sarin RajApril 26, 2019

To disable the Print Preview option in Google Chrome, follow the given steps. This is common issue we face while print receipt on Odoo POS. So for windows users, this will help to print directly the receipt from google chrome without any pop up.

In Windows:

Step 1: type " chrome://flags " on the url

Step 2 : To disable  Print Preview WebUI by,

Type " Enable cloud Printer Handle " on search bar

then disable it and RELAUNCH NOW

How to disable printer preview in Google chrome

then close all chrome tasks from task manager.

Step3 : Right click on Google chrome short cut and open properties

in Shortcut option on Target, type " --kiosk-printing " after the .exe" with a space.

How to disable printer preview in Google chrome

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