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How To Create New Tax In Odoo


Arunima PFeb. 8, 2019

For supporting public expenditure, most of the countries have a tax system. Tax is a mandatory financial charge by a governmental organization. Odoo support many types of taxes like value added a task, federal tax, Eco-tax, retention etc. For most countries, the chart of account you set up is automatically pre-configured with the main tax of the country. So in Odoo tax system is flexible. It is possible to create New Tax In Odoo easily.

Define New Tax In Odoo

There are several Accounting modules in Odoo. Have a separate module for each country.

You have to install the accounting module as per your country or wanted.

Then go to:


install the accounting module

There are some mandatory fields and other fields.

Tax Name:

Set an appropriate name for the tax.

Tax Scope:

Sales, Purchase or None. It represent where to use tax.

In Definition tab

Tax Computation:

  • Fixed
  • Percentage
  • Percentage of price tax included
  • Group of taxes

Filling the mandatory fields while defining a New Tax In Odoo

Allow to have compute tax as a group of taxes.


Tax amount as per tax computation.

Tax Account:

Account where the tax journal item  displays.

Tax Account On Credit Notes:

An account used in credit notes.

Allow to have compute tax as a group of taxes

In the Advanced Option tab

Label on Invoices:

How you want this tax to print on the invoice line.

Tax Group:

Where this  tax is summed in the invoice footer. Example: VAT,Retention


Used for custom reports.

After filling the fields all you want, Click on Save button.

Then we can see this tax in product master as customer tax or Vendor tax.

In the Advanced Option tab fill all the details

After setting a tax for a product it will be automatically selected when we create a sales order or purchase order or invoices etc.

tax, in product master as customer tax or Vendor tax


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