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How To Create Calendar Alarm In Odoo

Calendar Alarm In Odoo

Arunima PDec. 3, 2020

It is possible to Create a Calendar Alarm In Odoo for reminding meetings or events as per our needs.

How to Create Calendar Alarm In Odoo


Go to: Settings→Technical→Calendar→Calendar Alarm→Create

Create Calendar Alarm In Odoo

Here we can set Alarm as an email or Pop up Notification.

Then Save your changes.

How It Works
Let’s check how it works.

Go to the Calendar module

And then Create a new meeting.

 set Alarm as an email or Pop up Notification

Set your Calendar Alarm in Reminders and also fill all the fields as required.

Click on Save button.

Then Odoo will pop up Notification your window or send email notification for the meeting.

pop up Notification of window for the meeting

Click on Details to know the details and Snooze to remind after some time.


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