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How To Compute Shipping Cost On Orders In Odoo

How To Compute Shipping Cost On Orders In Odoo

AsrayaDec. 14, 2018

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping is the transportation of goods from one place to another that means seller to the buyer. It is a marketing tactic used primarily by online vendors as a sales strategy to attract customers. Shipping Cost is an amount paid by the customer for the delivery of a purchased product, collected by the delivery service, the company, or both. The cost may change from one product to another or based on conditions like weight, size, price etc.. Shipping charge also tends to decline with larger volumes. You could find a massive discount if you were shipping a bulk quantity of products. A few retailers offer free shipping on some orders or over certain value threshold.

Odoo provides an option to configure Delivery Methods with Quotations. It will simplify the delivery cost calculation. Also, help to add the delivery charges with a quotation. Odoo supports the feature, Compute Shipping Cost On Orders for the customers. Odoo has a build in delivery calculation framework that helps you to configure the delivery rules.

How to compute shipping cost on orders in Odoo

Install the Delivery costs module which manages delivery methods.

Go to App > Search for Delivery costs > Install.

Install the Delivery costs module

Then go to Inventory > Delivery > Delivery Methods > Create.

Create the delivery methods

You will see the new window for creating Delivery Methods. Provide a name for Delivery Methods. Also, you can choose the provider field either Fixed Price or Based on Rules. If it is fixed price then you have to mention the amount. If you want the delivery to be free above a particular amount, tick the option Free if Order total is more than and set a price. Also, choose the Delivery Product from the drop-down list.

window for creating Delivery Methods

Otherwise, you can select the option Based on Rules

While clicking on Add an Item a new window will appear for creating pricing rule. Here you can set the conditions on the basis of some factors like

  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Weight * Volume
  • Price
  • Quantity

Click on the Save & Close button to add the conditions.

Create Delivery methods Based on Rules

Under Pricing, you may see one item was added.

Preview of one added item

Click on Destination Availability to set the location for Delivery Methods. You can choose Countries, States and Zip Code which allows you to filter delivery carriers according to the delivery address of your customer.

Option for setting the location for Delivery Methods

Now let's see how it works with Quotations.

Go to Sales > Quotations > Create a new sales order > Choose one Delivery Method from the drop-down list.

Click on Set Price, a new order line will appear as a product, which shows the name of the selected Delivery Method. You will find the delivery charge is added with the quotation. Save the Quotation.

working with Quotations for Compute Shipping Cost On Orders

Hope you understood how to configure Shipping Cost On Orders in Odoo..


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