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Gengo Translation In Odoo


AdhithNov. 23, 2019

How To Use Gengo Translation In Odoo Website

You can translate your Odoo website in two ways. Either by automatic translation or by manual translation. Automatic translation will be done by Gengo Translation Tool. To use Gengo Translation in Odoo 11 go to module section and install Automated Translations through Gengo API and Website Gengo Translator.

gengo translation tool


Gengo is a third-party service. To generate API key go to their website and maybe even perhaps register for an API sandbox account and thereafter configure your gengo parameters. Now go to your website. To start loading new languages click on the add a language.

gengo translation load API


Then choose the language, click on the load button. Here I am going to select Spanish language.



You can see the Spanish language in the website footer. When we select Spanish, you can see that some of the terms will automatically translate. In order to translate the website content, you can click on translate.

Click on translate to use gengo translation.

gengo translation-odoo


You need to specify the details of gengo account(if you have an account or to create an account to generate API key) after click on automatic translation.

Website application will highlight all the locations that have already been translate in green and the ones that further require translation in yellow.

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