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NishanthAug. 5, 2022

A comprehensive Farm Management ERP Solution geared to help you to streamline the Animal Management, Farm operations, Plans, and Reports. This module helps to maintain & manage the Animal Masters, Animal Tracking, Live Stock Management, Vaccination Scheduling & Details, Breeding Management & Disease Management. This Software solution can used in Poultry, Pets Management & Farm Management Businesses.

Live Stock is the main aspect of Farm management businesses, the systems help farmers to record and track livestock of animals, from birth, inventory, and sale operations. Livestock management products offer animal inventory management, from number of livestock to weight, age, breed, and species types. It is integrated with Catchweight ERP, so dual UOM measure is manageable. It’s able to manage dual UOM of animals for maintaining their inventory and sales operations.

System Optimize & Automate the Farm-based processes for Breeding, Vaccinations plans & their Live Stock Management. It can refer to support the managing of animals like Goat, Sheep, Lamp, Cow, chickens, Buffalo, Pet animals, Pigs, and even rabbits and Birds.

Animal Master:

Helps to save all details of animals including their Species, Breeds, Variants, Age, and their tracking. Each Animal have a unique reference number for its tracking. The age of an animal is calculated automatically based on the Date of Birth. Father & Mother mapping is available in Master and helps to generate reports based on father and mother, vaccination Plans & Scheduling, Disease management, and choosing Vetenarian option is also integrated with Animal master.

Vaccination Scheduler:

Vaccination for animals plays an crucial role in health of animals. System gives all the pending and completed vaccinations details of all animals, which is more benefits for higher authorities and their future analysis.

Breeding Management:

System manages different type of Breeding for different animals. Breeding Management maintain up-to-date livestock recorded data of cattle from birth. Pure and Mix blood group type breeding can be managed in system. Male and Females cattle undergo breeding process gives their babies. There may be chance of dead birth ones, can update their count,attaching images and reason for death can added in the system and helps to generate future analysis reports. Birth babies are treated as new animal master with their unique reference number, breed/species, age and father/mother mapping. The vaccination plans of each babies are reflected based on their age. Each Breeding Process should be done during the oestrus period.

From the Owners point of view, animals are treated as their assets and need future reports for analysis. Should Provide recorded data of cattle from birth to sale. Offers inventory management for livestock movements, managing twin babies and measurables of their units are another main feature of Farm Management Solution. It Optimize profit by providing granular insights into the feeding of livestock and record multiple actions including animals tracking, vaccinations, treatments, sales and inventory.


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