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Expected Features of Odoo 17

Expected Features of Odoo 17

Asharaf.KJune 16, 2023

Odoo 17 introduces a range of exciting features aimed at enhancing the user experience and improving productivity. Here are some highlights:

1. Revamped user interface

Odoo 17 introduces a revamped user interface (UI) that aims to enhance the user experience and improve productivity. The new UI brings a fresh and modern look, with updated design elements and improved usability

2. Dark Mode

Odoo 17 introduces the highly anticipated Dark Mode feature, offering users a visually appealing and alternative interface option. With Dark Mode, users can now switch to a darker colour scheme, providing a more comfortable viewing experience in low-light.

3.Adding products from the catalogue

In Odoo 17, there is a possibility to add products from the catalogue (kanban) view directly to the sales order.

4.Advanced Search

The advanced search function in Odoo 17 is one of the best probable upgrades. After applying filters, you can use this functionality to find records that are more specific. You can add numerous filters with various rule options here. The search feature in Odoo 17 will be more powerful than it was in past versions. This will enhance the user experience.

5.Revamped Operation menu in the Inventory module

In the new version, Odoo has introduced a separate menu for each operation type under the "Inventory > Operations" section. Previously, all records were displayed in the same menu called "Transfer".


6. Notes menu renamed to ‘To-Do’

The "Notes" menu has been renamed to "To-Do" in the latest version.

7.Revamped search View

In the latest version, users can benefit from a streamlined and efficient search method. This is achieved through the consolidation of the "Filter," "Group by," and "Favourites" submenus, along with the introduction of a centralized "Search" tab. These changes simplify the search process, making it more straightforward and effective for users.

8.Streamlined Document Signing with Automated Reminders

Stay on top of documents awaiting your signature with the new reminder feature in the Sign module.

9.Draggable Pop-ups

The latest version introduces draggable pop-ups, allowing users to easily move and reposition the pop-up windows as per their preference. Users can now simply drag the pop-up windows to different locations on their screen, facilitating better organization and customization of their workspace.

10.Freezing List and Kanban Column Headers

In the latest version, users have the ability to freeze list and kanban column headers. This feature allows users to lock the headers of columns in place, making them visible even when scrolling through a large amount of data. By freezing the headers, users can easily reference the column names and maintain context while navigating through the list or kanban view. This functionality enhances usability and improves productivity by providing a more convenient and efficient way to work with data in Odoo.

11.Departmental Organizational Structure Charts


Odoo now supports departmental organizational structure charts, enabling users to visualize and represent the hierarchical relationships within their organization

12.POS- Restaurant and Bar- preparation status.

In the Point of Sale (POS) module for restaurants and bars, a new feature has been introduced that allows users to view the preparation status of orders. This enhancement provides real-time visibility into the progress of food and drink preparation, ensuring better coordination and communication between the kitchen staff and the serving team. By being able to track the preparation status, restaurant and bar staff can ensure timely service and improve overall customer experience. This feature enhances operational efficiency and helps streamline the order fulfilment process in the POS system specifically tailored for the restaurant and bar industry.

13. 5-digit unique code in POS receipt

A new functionality has been added to the system where a 5-digit code is included on the receipt. This code allows users to request the corresponding invoice for their order on the portal. By providing this code, customers can conveniently access and retrieve their invoice through the online portal. This feature improves the user experience by simplifying the process of obtaining invoices and enhances customer self-service capabilities.

14.Raise Hands in Meetings

Odoo has introduced a new feature that enables users to "Raise their Hand" during meetings conducted within the Odoo platform. This functionality allows participants to indicate their intention to speak or ask a question by virtually raising their hand. By utilizing this feature, users can effectively participate in meetings, ensuring better engagement and smoother communication among attendees. The "Raise Your Hand" feature enhances collaboration and facilitates more structured and organized discussions within Odoo meetings.

15.Select Multiple Records from a Single Click

You can select multiple records with a single click >> select a record from the list, to add more- use ‘Shift+Upper’ arrow; and to deselect- use ‘Shift+Down’ arrow.


16. Select Batch Workorder in Manufacturing

The Work order of MO can be performed as a Batch wise technique. Users can select multiple Workorders at same time in a batch and perform the operations.

17.Print Resumes in Employee module

In Odoo 17, a new feature has been introduced in the Employee module that allows users to print resumes for employees. This feature provides a convenient way to generate and print employee resumes directly from within the Odoo platform.

With this feature, you can easily access an employee's profile or details page and find the option to print their resume. This allows you to quickly generate a hard copy of the resume for various purposes such as sharing it with colleagues, using it during interviews, or including it in employee documentation.


18.Odoo PWA

The integration of shortcuts on smartphones will enhance the ease of working with Odoo PWA (progressive web apps), simplifying the user experience. Odoo's R&D team in version 17 has explored the implementation of shortcuts, enabling users to quickly access various significant apps within their Odoo instance.

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